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The Real Nude Sumo
is a dual-density dildo by Blush Novelties. The Sumo is phallic in shape but is lacking in a lot of the other aspects that tend to come with realistic, dual-density dicks.

There’s a bulbous head, that measures about 6″ in circumference, with a foreskin ridge and a dent that is designed to look like the urethra right on the tip. There’s a bulge at the bottom of the shaft that represents the testicles so overall the appearance of the Sumo is quite abstract. There’s no veins or any skin-like texture to speak of. For a realistic fake cock, it does a pretty good job at not being very realistic; which is great if you’re not a fan of overly realistic toys. Sadly, the Real Nude line of toys only come in realistic colours, toffee and almond. As abstract as they are, I’d love to see some bright colours, or at least some more shade variants as the toffee and almond don’t cover all cock tones.

The complete length of the Real Nude Sumo is 9.5″ with an insertable length of 7″. The Sumo sits mostly straight, the head is the largest point, which tapers down and then slightly back up around the lower half of the shaft. Blushes dual-density is different to what I’ve felt before. Admittedly, I’ve only felt two other dual-density toys, my Tantus Cush 02 and VixSkin Maverick. Like Tantus and Vixen, the Sumos tip is entirely squish. It doesn’t feel like there’s a thick layer of squishy silicone on the rest of the toy, but there’s enough to give the toy the realistic feel. Bending the Sumo in half isn’t hard, but does show a little resistance because of the firm core.

The softer silicone is much squishier than Tantus’ and has a very tacky feel about it. It makes me think of more solid silly putty. The Sumo comes in very basic plastic packaging, and looks a little questionable at first. The soft, tacky silicone pushes against the plastic and looks like maybe it’s melting or isn’t actually silicone. It is though, don’t worry. One downside to the softer silicone is that it collects every particle of fluff and dust within a two mile radius. The packaging isn’t suitable for storage but it comes with a storage bag, so you might be able to keep it safe from fluff. Maybe. I’d recommend rinsing it before use.

The Real Nude Sumo also has a suction cup. Some suction cups aren’t great but I’m quite impressed by the Sumos staying power. I haven’t used it hands-free, it doesn’t work with the stimulation I need, but I did stick it to my wall and it stayed put for a day and a half. One of the first things I did once pulling it out of the packaging was stick it to my wall and tug. It takes a fair bit of force to rip it off, so I have no doubt that it would stay well in use.

I like the Sumo. It’s very plain but the head means I get enough stimulation. It nudges and pulls my G-spot lightly. I usually try to stay away from heads that are overly bulbous as I’m not fond of the pop that tends to come along with them. I don’t have that problem with the Sumo. There’s so much give in the silicone that it pushes past my opening without force or any intense popping sensation. There is a feeling reminiscent of popping, but no “Oh wow yep that entered very suddenly“. I can feel the squish of the head internally,  against my walls, it’s odd if I concentrate on it. Odd but nice.

I do find that personally the Sumo is a bit too long for me to thrust like I normally would, but it never causes real discomfort. It pushes against my cervix but doesn’t feel pokey because it just squishes down. Even when I do thrust too far, it doesn’t feel like I’m being forcefully prodded, it’s just a gentle nudge. Like when you’re walking through a crowd and you accidentally brush against someone.

I think the Sumo is a great toy for a relaxed session. It’s not overly intense, it doesn’t pull attention away from anything else, but still provides enough stimulation to cause a good orgasm. Assuming you’re used to the size. When I got it my initial reaction was that it didn’t look like the diameter was 2″, but I’ve been playing with bigger toys and so it looks generally underwhelming to me. The squish is very forgiving, and if you’re looking to size-up in toys but don’t want something too solid, I think the Sumo would be a good option.

The Real Nude Sumo is 100% silicone and so it’s best to stick with water-based lube to avoid damaging it. I occasionally find that the Sumo eats lube, but it’s also too hot here at the moment to masturbate without a fan on, so it could be that. It can be cleaned with soap and water or sterilized. It’s both harness compatible and anal safe.

If you’re in the market for a dual-density toy with reasonable girth, length and that’s slightly more affordable than some other brands, give the Sumo from the Blush Novelties Real Nude line a shot. There’s a few more options if you’re not sure you want the size of the Sumo.

Luxe_NewLook_Blush BannerI was sent the Real Nude Sumo by Blush Novelties in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Thanks Blush!


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