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Iroha Yuki small palm sized clit vibrator with googly eyesIroha is part of Tenga, a Japanese company well-known for their male masturbators. The Iroha brand is Tenga’s foray into vulva-having-peoples toys. They have a few different toys out at the moment, and were nice enough to send me the Yuki to review.

The Iroha Yuki is like a vibrating marshmallow. It’s not as squishy as a marshmallow, but its general demeanor is very marshmallowesque. It has a silky soft silicone skin that you can squish around, like moving the skin on a newborn puppy. And about as adorable too. Iroha sold their souls to produce a magical silicone that is practically grip-free and doesn’t collect lint. I rubbed it up and down all of my cats, it picked up lots of hairs but they were easily removed by simply running my hand over it. It’s crazy.

Under the silicone is, according to other reviews I’ve read, elastomer. There’s a slight smell that you get at the beginning because of the elastomer, but I don’t even recognize it now. Either I’m used to it, or it’s dissipated. The very core is solid plastic.  It’s the turducken of the vibrator world. Plastic, elastomer, silicone. Plelasicone, if you will.

I’m kind of smitten over Yuki’s silicone and layers. There’s a little squish, moving the skin is addictive and it’s super soft. I want a dildo made like this. It’s just a really nice make-up. I need pressure with my vibrations so the slight squish the Yuki has is perfect. It stays where I push it and doesn’t leave me with a sore clit. Yuki is comfortable to hold, it’s palm sized but thick enough that it doesn’t disappear between my labia.

Yuki’s vibrations are concentrated in the head and transfer well through the material. I don’t notice much dampening. Initially I thought with the shape of the vibrator, I would be able to rest my clit in the dimple between the head and body. I can do this but it’s not how I find the most pleasure. When I use Yuki, I tend to hold the body in my fingers and tilt the tip down so it rests wherever I want it.

The vibrations the Yuki provides are nice. They veer toward the buzzy end of things but still have an underlying rumble to them. It doesn’t numb my clit to hell and penetrates deep enough for me to not want to throw it against a wall. The vibrations aren’t super strong, I’d agree with other reviews that describe them as moderately powerful. If you need serious power, Yuki isn’t for you. I really enjoy the vibrations. Yuki is quiet too, you wouldn’t be able to hear it from under a duvet.

There’s three vibration speeds and a basic pattern pulse. I tend to ignore patterns, sometimes I use them to warm up, but with Yuki I don’t. The lowest speed is low enough to warm up with on its own. After a few minutes I find myself getting bored with the first speed and spend a lot of time on the second. When my clit is cooperating, and not being a moody butthead, Yuki easily brings me to orgasm multiple times. It’s gentle enough I don’t find myself pulling it away from me as soon as I begin to come. I can move it up slightly to lessen the vibration on my clit, and once I’m done, move it back down and go again. After a few orgasms and going up to the third speed, I do find myself wishing there were another couple, because I want more. I enjoy it. Yuki makes me happy.

Yuki is marketed as being the only toy from this line that is insertable. The Midori and Sakura are designed to be clit-only. The idea is that you can insert the head. If you’re not used to penetration and want the option to try absolute bare-minimum penetration, if you really enjoy stimulation at your vaginal entrance, or if you want to stick a teeny tiny snowman head up your bum, then you might enjoy using Yuki like this. Personally I find it doesn’t do much for me. It’s nice, but when I want penetration, it’s all or nothing. When I insert Yuki my vagina looks at me like I’ve completely lost my mind and wonders where the rest is and why I’m teasing it.

Yuki is easy to operate. There’s two buttons on a plastic plate at the bottom of the toy (that are also the magnetic charging connectors) a  and . To turn Yuki on you hold down the . Both buttons can be used to click through the speeds and pattern. To turn Yuki off you just hold down the .

Iroha yuki vibrator in charging dock

The battery life is pretty good. When it comes time to charge it, you get the joy of sitting it on its own special USB charging dock. I can see some people hating the dock as the lid is clear, but I love seeing my toys. It looks so fancy and gives it a level of elegance. The dock is just under 4×4″ which fits Yuki’s 3.5″ length perfectly. A little light comes on at the front when it’s on correctly and charging, which turns off when it’s done. It comes with the suitable USB cord and a wall adapter, giving you the option to either charge it via laptop or not. Yuki can sit in the dock all the time, it stops it from collecting dust, even though it doesn’t really collect dust (MAGIC I TELL YOU).

Yuki is only splash-proof, so there’s no bath time fun to be had, but it can be washed under running water which takes away any worries when it comes to cleaning. I’d still really love to see a second version that is waterproof though. I’m paranoid and I don’t want to accidentally ruin it. Because Yuki is silicone, it’s best to stick with using a water-based lube only.

If you’re like me and you don’t need super strong vibrations, but like pressure and squish, check out the Iroha Yuki. If the shape of the Yuki doesn’t do it for you, there’s two more options; Midori and Sakura.

You can pick up your own Yuki at Miss X in Australia, Simply Pleasure in the UK and JOUJOU (Australian based store) ships worldwide.

irohaI was sent the Yuki in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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