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I was super excited for the Lelo Mona Wave. Really, really, really excited. As soon as I got a sneak peek of its impending release, I knew I had to have it. Check out my review of the Mona 2 to read my feelings on it, but long story short, it makes my G-spot happy. The shape of the Mona is perfect and when inserted, if I push my hips down, it moves with my body and pushes right against my G-spot. The Mona Wave is designed to mimic the come-hither motion of fingers and stimulate the G-spot, which sounded like it would provide the movement I usually use with my Mona 2. Mona’s vibrations are also pretty great. They’re a buzzy/rumbly hybrid that pack more than enough punch. I need that sort of power when it comes to G-spot toys.

So I was pretty bummed that after charging my Mona Wave, my immediate reaction to turning it on was that it didn’t feel as strong as the Mona 2. I kept quiet, surely they wouldn’t have downed the vibration speed? Well. They did*. Several other bloggers have confirmed it. I haven’t gone crazy, Lelo might have, but I have not.

Mona 2 vs Mona Wave

Mona 2 – Mona Wave

The Mona Wave is the same size, with the same curvy shape that Mona 2 has. There’s a few differences though. The handle on the Wave is silicone instead of plastic. I love this upgrade. The buttons are harder to find but it feels better in my hand. I’m a sucker for Lelo’s silky soft silicone. As it’s silicone you should stick to water-based lube. It’s still waterproof, there’s no cap to place over the charging port, which makes me paranoid, but it is waterproof. It comes in the same nice packaging as other Lelo toys, suitable for storage but has a satin bag if boxes aren’t your thing.

The controls are slightly different. There’s a center button dedicated to turning the Mona on and off, giving it a kill switch. You press it to turn it on, the and are used to cycle through the settings and the < and > to go through the vibration speeds. It has the ability to mix and match, as I believe is standard for Lelo patterns. Find a setting and pattern you like and you can increase or decrease the vibration power. It has a memory so it starts wherever it stopped. Handy for the whole kill switch thing and for when you find a setting that works best.

The WaveMotion has an unmistakable sound and it’s not at all subtle. It sounds exactly as you would expect, honestly. Personally I don’t really care about the sound, it’s not power tool loud, it’s just odd. There’s two speeds for the WaveMotion; slow and even slower. There’s plenty of settings to choose from, a lot of them are the WaveMotion with vibration patterns, with the exception of the wave-only and vibration-only settings.

I find it a little complicated to find my G-spot with the Wave. This baffles me a little, but I think it’s mostly because I can’t move my hips the same way I would with the Mona 2. You have no option but to hold onto the handle of the Wave, if you don’t it wiggles outside your body rather than inside, which is completely useless. I need to push down on the handle to make sure it hits and stays wiggling inside, sometimes the handle twists which is annoying. If like me you have reach problems, you’d find it a pain. My belly gets in the way of me being able to get a good handle (ha) on it. If we put aside my masturbation preferences, after a little fiddling I can find the spot.

The feeling the WaveMotion provides is reminiscent of being fingered, it’s not identical, but for a toy it’s relatively en pointe. It’s like being fingered by a robot, in more ways than one.

It’s slow. It doesn’t react to my body the way a partner would. When a partner would be fingerfucking me faster to bring me to climax, the Wave just continues being its slow self. It’s frustrating. It’s not bad, per se, but it’s not awesome. My G-spot likes a being pummeled into oblivion or vibrated till it has no choice but to submit, the Wave does neither of these things. Admittedly, I never expected it to, but I had hoped it’d have more speed options on the motion.

When I’m using the Mona Wave, I normally use it with one of the motion and vibration pattern settings. I usually avoid patterns as they don’t do much, but with the Wave the patterns are the only way I can get the intense internal stimulation I need. Without the vibration the WaveMotion is lost and not intense enough.

With the settings, the last two are motion-only then vibration-only. The motion stops as soon as you click up to vibration-only, which means, if you time it right, you can give the Mona Wave a more intense curve. Customize it to your needs. With the WaveMotion off and using it only for steady vibration, it’s not ideal, but still quite stimulating. When I use the Mona 2 internally I put it on the higher settings, which the motor in the Wave just doesn’t reach. The sudden on/off of the patterns makes the vibration more noticeable, as well as the motion when it presses where it should.

Externally, the lack of power is even more of a letdown. Not only does it feel less powerful, but the vibrations don’t travel as deep as the Mona 2. Mona has never been the best for me clitorally, but it’s one of the main selling points of the Mona. The option to use it externally if it doesn’t work for you internally. That’s why I spent $160 on my Mona 2. Because if it didn’t work one way, I was confident it would for the other. The Mona Wave is even more expensive than the already highly priced Mona 2, sitting at about $180 if you’re not in Australia, if you are, it’s over $200.

The shape does nestle nicely between my labia. It doesn’t give my clit the surround-sound vibrations and contact I need like the We-Vibe Touch does, and it doesn’t rumble my labia like Mona 2. If you don’t crave at least a moderately deep rumble, pressure and targeted-but-not-pinpoint vibration the way I do, you’d get along with it better.

You might think I hate it. It’s too slow and the vibrations aren’t powerful enough, but I still orgasm from it when combined with a clit vibe. The ability to provide orgasm isn’t enough to make a sex toy good though.

But, sadly, I like the orgasms I have from the Lelo Mona Wave. The slower G-spot stimulation means more build up to the finale. It pushes and vibrates my G-spot rhythmically, I feel like I need to squirt in no time but it keeps me on the edge (because of the lower vibration power). I end up writhing on my bed, wanting to come so badly. This is probably not a good thing, I shouldn’t have to beg a toy to push me to orgasm. But when I do orgasm, it always comes somewhat out of the blue and it’s satisfying. Most times I use a toy I want to come over and over again and never stop, which is nice too, but with the Wave, it builds me up slowly before pushing me over the edge. Satisfied and satiated, I’m content to chill out in post orgasmic, robot-fingered bliss.

I wish I could hate it. I want to hate it. It’s lacking in areas that matter. Yet it still manages to give me good orgasms that I am too impatient to achieve otherwise. It feels different from being fingered, it feels different from dildos, and different from a G-spot vibe. It pushes into my G-spot directly, deeper and broader than fingers can, and it’s more consistent too. Where fingers would cramp, the Wave keeps going.

I seriously doubt that it’d help anyone find their G-spot and it probably won’t help you learn how to squirt. I know that the ‘come hither’ motion is said to be the best and although it does replicate that fairly well, as someone who squirts almost always when internal stimulation is involved, it’s not even guaranteed for me to ejaculate with the Wave. Although one time I did, and I will remember it forever.

I was using the Mona Wave, and as I came, my muscles pushed it out, I bucked up and squirted, and because of the toy being pushed out with the intense pressure of the squirt mixed with my hips going up, it bounced off the toy and my stomach and pillow got splattered in my ejaculate. It was awesome.

At this point I’m realizing how conflicted I feel over the Wave. One part of me hates it and doesn’t want to recommend it to anyone because it’s disappointing. The other part of me enjoys the different stimulation it provides. I’m not sure if I’ll reach for it often in the future. When I’m lazy and want internal stimulation without the effort it takes to thrust a dildo? Yeah, I’ll probably grab it. It’ll be great if I ever hurt my thrusting arm.

Mostly I’m just really, really, disappointed with the vibration, which leaves me with the overall feeling of “eh”. It’s not a toy I get excited to use. It’s like jam donuts. I used to forget whether I liked them or not, so I’d avoid them. Except with jam donuts, I’d try one occasionally, because I’d forgotten how I felt about them, and then remember I did indeed not like them (this has changed I totally adore jam donuts now). With the Wave, I don’t necessarily want to use it, but when I do, and I orgasm, I can forgive it for a while.

It could be improved substantially with faster movements and stronger, deeper, vibrations. It’s crazy expensive, too. If you’re unsure about whether to get the Mona Wave or Mona 2, I’d say go for the Mona 2. If you have extra money to blow, don’t need strong vibrations, want something pretty unique and know you’re a fan of G-spot stimulation? Go for it. But don’t expect the best toy in the world ever, because it’s not. And don’t get angry at me if you’re disappointed, which if you have a Mona 2 that you love, you probably will be.


I was sent the Mona Wave free of charge by Lelo in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Thanks!

*Apparently its the same motor as what’s in the Mona 2. It doesn’t feel like it though.

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