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I’m a Tantus fangirl. I love them, I love their toys; they make me happy. My opinions of stores increase substantially if I can enter ‘Tantus‘ in the search bar and yield results. The more that turn up, the happier I am. A lot of Australian stores don’t carry Tantus, or only a very limited range, or they up the price and make me want to bash my head against a wall. So when I asked the guys at JOUJOU if I could review something from them, and they told me that they were getting Tantus in and if I wanted I could review a Tantus toy, I screeched and made grabby-hands at my screen. I have a fair few Tantus toys in my arsenal already, I wasn’t sure if JOUJOU would be getting any in that I didn’t already have and was also interested in. I needn’t worry though, they have plenty, the largest range I’ve seen an Aussie store have. I couldn’t choose between the Adam 02 and the Twist plug, so they sent me both because they’re lovely angels.


I realized lately, as well as buying bigger toys, I’ve been choosing bigger toys to review. Not everyone enjoys or can handle large toys, so I picked the Tantus Adam 02 for its overall average sizing. The largest circumference on Adam is around the corona at 5.5″, the shaft is about 5.4″ and narrows slightly at the bottom getting to just above 5″ while Adam’s insertable length is 6.5″ measured without it straightened. So it may be considered a little above average when compared to a flesh and blood penis, but the size fits really well if you’re looking for an average, realistic dildo.

Adam is part of Tantus’ 02 line of toys, which means it’s dual-density. Being Tantus, it’s made from 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone, but instead of being the same silicone all the way through, Adam has a solid core with a squishier outer layer. The goal of 02 and other dual-density toys is to make them feel more realistic. Adam does have a nice layer of squish, with the head made up completely of softer silicone. Most of the squish is concentrated on Adam’s head and underside. The front has a thin layer but is much more solid than the back. Adam feels a bit more realistic than your average silicone dick, but not overly so. The solid core doesn’t take away much of the flexibility, as it’s still fairly easy to bend it and touch the head to the base. Bending backwards makes it more difficult to touch the ends, but it’s not impossible. 

Adam has a gorgeous natural bend, making it easier for G-spot stimulation if that’s your goal, and also helps with the intended realism. Adam has some obvious veining on the shaft, once again adding to the realism. Some veining on toys can seem ridiculous and excessive, but with Adam I find them to be a nice touch. All the veins are squishy, if your holes are sensitive to texture I doubt Adam’s veins would irritate.

The Adam 02 also has a cute little frenum, that aside from looks is completely pointless. It is pretty damn cute though.

As well as giving a layer of squish, the softer silicone has a wonderful matte finish. It’s soft to touch, but has quite a lot of drag. When lubed up though? It’s silky smooth and glorious. Adam’s head has a shiny finish to it, I don’t know why it’s like that, maybe it makes insertion easier? I haven’t noticed and don’t feel the difference in use.

The first thing I did upon removing Adam from the packaging was coo over how soft and pretty it is, then stick it in my mouth. Honestly, Adam reminds me of my boyfriend’s cock and I couldn’t help myself. I have other dildos that I try to suck on sometimes, but they’re too big for me. I don’t have that issue with Adam. He fills my mouth nicely without being too big, and the silicone is easy to move my mouth up and down because of how silky it is when wet. If you’re looking for a dildo to use to simulate blowjobs or threesomes, Adam is a great choice. It’s also harness compatible and anal safe. Adam would make an awesome average cock to wear and stick in any hole you want.

The Adam 02 picks up lint like crazy. This is pretty average for silicone, especially 02, but means you may need to rinse it before use to avoid getting fluff in your holes. The base of my Adam has a bulge, so it doesn’t stand flat. It can still stand, but it wobbles. If you look on the bottom of the base, you can see air bubbles, but they’re well under the silicone and at no risk of breaking and causing issues with hygiene.

Tantus Adam 02


I’ve already got a Tantus 02 toy, the Cush 02, which I adore. I didn’t expect Adam to be better than the Cush, as it’s one of my favourite dildos, but I knew I was in for a treat.

In use, the Tantus Adam 02 is nice. The entire experience is nice. Adam slides in nicely, the silicone is nice, it hits the right spots and feels nice. Adam didn’t blow my mind. There’s no intense stimulation of any of my internal erogenous zones, but Adam is just a really, really nice dildo. The ride is smooth, it hits the right spots without being overwhelming and brings me to a great climax; one that, surprisingly, I can continue thrusting through. Usually as soon as I come all stimulation needs to stop; A- So I can squirt and B- Because I get too sensitive, but with Adam I can continue thrusting as I come and ride out the orgasm. Which feels nice.

The 02 feels as silky in use as it does when you’re spreading lube over the toy. The corona and light veins aren’t noticeable but provide enough stimulation so that Adam isn’t boring. Adam’s size is great, as someone who tends to reach for larger toys, Adam fulfills my needs and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. If you’re used to toys smaller than Adam, you might feel a bit stretched, but the 02 should help it not be too much.

Adam is easily cleaned with soap and water, or you can sterilize with a 10% bleach mix or through boiling for a few minutes.

Adam is a great dildo for a casual session. It’s not overwhelming, it’s not over-stimulating, but provides a nice ride to a great orgasm. The Tantus Adam 02 makes a wonderful everyday, go-to, realistic dildo.


Huge thank you to JOUJOU for sending me the Tantus Adam 02 in exchange for my honest review.


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