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IMG_4481The JimmyJane FORM 4 is a high-end vibrator made from soft silicone. It’s waterproof, rechargeable and easy to use. It even comes with its own fancy charging dock.

I really love the shape of the FORM 4. It’s perfectly sized for me, and feels really wonderful in my hand. With the We-Vibe Touch, as I need pressure with my vibrations, the petite size and shape leaves my long fingers pressing weirdly, and regularly causes cramps during longer sessions. The JimmyJane FORM 4 gives me no such issue. I can hold it and press down without any orgasm-ruining finger cramps.

When I’m using the FORM 4 it fits well between my labia. I like to lay the end over my clitoral glans and up my hood as this is where I prefer my stimulation. The shape of the FORM 4 is perfect for this. Most of the vibration strength is in the top bulb, it does run down the rest of the vibrator too, but is concentrated there. It doesn’t really have the capability to give pinpoint stimulation, but the end can vary with how direct it is. If you use the very tip you might be able to get a more pinpoint sensation, but not the same as you would with a tapered end.

The vibrations the FORM 4 provides are quite buzzy, and I wish they had more of a rumble. They do get quite strong though, which is enough to counteract the buzz. I only really use the first three vibration speeds and they’re more than enough.

Bringing myself to orgasm with the FORM 4 alone is not easy, but that’s not unusual for me. I do more often than not need penetration along with my vibrations. Some vibrators can accomplish this, but the FORM 4 is just too buzzy and doesn’t penetrate deep enough. Alongside a dildo it works really well though, and the shape once again makes me happy. It’s so easy and comfortable to hold, and keep it where I want it.

You can insert the FORM 4, which I do on occasion to tease my opening and just inside. It’s never going to hit my G-spot, but it’s a pleasant feeling. If you want to use the FORM 4 internally, make sure to stick to water-based lubricants. Silicone lube can cause silicone to react and nobody wants to accidentally ruin a toy.

The FORM 4 isn’t loud by any means, but when you apply some pressure the sound does get slightly louder.

The silicone on the JimmyJane FORM 4 is not as silky as some other brands, like LELO. It’s not the type of silicone I have the urge to rub against my face for the rest of my life. It’s still nice, but doesn’t feel quite as luxurious. Taking photos of the FORM 4 was a giant pain in the ass because it collects lint and fluff like crazy. Silicone pretty much always has a tendency to do this, but it will never stop being a little annoying.

There’s also a hideous seam right around it. For the price the FORM 4 retails at I expect a little better. If every other brand can do it, on vibrators that cost significantly less money, then so can JimmyJane.

Thankfully I can’t feel the seam in use. It does, however, collect lots of vag gunk. I don’t find it too hard to clean, it doesn’t need toothbrush scrubbing level of attention to get rid of it, but you will need to concentrate a little extra finger power to make sure it’s spotless.

The FORM 4 claims to be flexible; this is a blatant lie. There’s a tiny amount of flexibility forward and backwards, but on the sides it’s about as flexible as a rock. Without breaking it, there’s no way you could make it bend like in promotional photos. I’m not sure why the marketing team at JimmyJane decided to pretend it is, it’s a perfectly fine clitoral vibrator despite the lack of movement.

I mentioned at the beginning that it even has its own charging dock. I don’t mind when my vibrators have docks, because I enjoy displaying my toys, however I do realize that not everyone has the privacy, or space, that having a toy on display while charging is doable. You could find somewhere discreet to put it while charging, but you’d need to be careful. The dock can be touchy. You need to make sure that it’s on right, otherwise it won’t charge. When it’s on correctly a little light comes on at the buttons. The slightest bump will knock it off the specific position it needs to be in.

I haven’t timed how long it takes to charge, or how long a charge will last. I tend to just stick things on charge overnight, or until I use them next. Probably not great for battery longevity, but I’m lazy. A charge lasts me a few sessions, and I generally jack off for an hour or so at a time. If you’re a wham bam kind of masturbator, you should get a fair few uses out of it before it dies.

Using the FORM 4 is beyond simple. There’s a (+), (-) and a (~), that creates an exclamation point on the toy. The buttons work exactly as you would imagine them too. The + turns it on and up, the – turns it down and off, while the dot of the exclamation (~) is what controls the patterns. There’s 5 speeds, and 3 patterns. Patterns bore me, they don’t woo my vulva with their rapid changing, so I usually don’t bother with them. If a toy didn’t have patterns, I probably wouldn’t even notice. The FORM 4 has the average patterns that you find on everything. So if you do enjoy them, you’re covered.

The JimmyJane FORM 4 would be great for someone who wants a high-end, waterproof vibrator, but doesn’t need deep rumbling vibrations. For me, the FORM 4 won’t be replacing any of my other favourite clit vibes, but it is by no means a bad vibrator. It just needs someone who enjoys what it has to offer.


I was sent the JimmyJane FORM 4 in exchange for my honest review

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