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TANTUS UNCUT #2By now, you all should know that I love Tantus. They’re my go-to brand when I think of fake dicks. They’re safe, quality toys, with something for everyone.

Not too long ago Tantus revealed they were bringing out some new dildos. These dildos would be dual-density and they would have a foreskin. Foreskins don’t get much representation in the sex toy world. There’s plenty of toys with foreskin design, but about 99.9% of them are retracted, whereas not all human foreskins can even be pulled back. So Tantus has gone and made some intact fake dicks, to represent those whose foreskins won’t move, and for people who adore foreskins. Like me.

My only male sexual partner was my ex, and he was uncut. He has a gorgeous cock and his foreskin brought me much joy and amusement. I’ve always thought uncut cocks looked better, my morals also don’t agree with the act of circumcision, and my experiences with my ex’s cock lead to me developing somewhat of a foreskin fetish. I just love them immensely. So the idea of a dildo with foreskin is pretty much a dream come true for me.

The day there is a silicone dildo with a retractable foreskin, I might die from pure unadulterated joy.

Tantus heard my pleas and desperation for uncut dildos on twitter, and sent me one to review. Massive thank you goes out to Capt. Sparkle Bunny for that.

TANTUS UNCUT #2I received the large Uncut which comes in at about 8 inches insertable length with a very average girth overall. The largest circumference is around the coronal ridge, which maxes out at 5.6 inches. The head is large and tapers down the shaft. Because there’s no real bump from the coronal ridge like a circumcised cock, or retracted foreskin, the larger head means you can still get some stimulation from this dildo.

The Uncut #1 is dual-density, meaning it has a harder core with a nice squishy outer layer. The head is mostly squish but still firm enough to be felt and utilized. As the shaft tapers in size the squishyness gets lesser and lesser.

All penises vary in their appearance, and I think Tantus did a decent job of capturing what an uncut dick looks like. There’s quite a lot of detail on the Uncut #1. There’s a meatus/slit, lots of wrinkles, veins and skin like texture. I find the details to be very aesthetically pleasing.

I was over the moon to receive one of these; They haven’t even been released yet!

I was interested in how it would feel in use. I need some sort of texture or ridge to stimulate me enough to do anything, and I wasn’t sure where on the Uncut would provide such stimulation.

Surprisingly, it’s from the foreskin.

The ridge where the foreskin is on the glans is the thing I feel most in use. It rubs against me internally and stimulates just enough. It means I feel something, but it’s not overwhelming. I’ve said it before with other toys (usually Tantus ones, surprise) but the Uncut is a really good every day toy. It’s a simple dildo that is good for a quick fuck. When I just want to get off, when I need something inside me to get me there, the Uncut is perfect. For me, once I’ve had some orgasms, and have gotten wetter and wider, my vag wants something thicker, or something with a more prominent ridge, but for my first orgasm or two, the Uncut is fabulous.

The length of the large Uncut is long. Really long. Too long for me. It means I can reach deeper spots inside me that feel really good, but I also can’t fit it all. I can get maybe about 6 inches before my vagina bottoms out. I don’t find the Uncut to be pokey or painful like some toys when they hit my cervix, its more like I’ve just hit a wall. A bit of cervix banging doesn’t bother me, as long as it’s not too pokey or constant. If I use the Uncut for too long, and bang my cervix too much, I do feel a little achey, but it’s nothing terrible. If you’re someone who doesn’t thrust like your life depends on it, the cervix banging probably won’t be an issue. I’m a very enthusiastic thruster, and with the help of some water-based lube, the Uncut is an easy toy to thrust with.

Of course, if you’re  sticking it up your butt, a cervix won’t be an issue at all.

The base of the Uncut #1 makes it anal safe and harness compatible, as well as making it easy to hold. It’s not too wide or thick, and I don’t strain my fingers trying to grip it. The extra couple inches of the shaft also give me something extra to hold on to.
TANTUS UNCUTAnother good part about the length is that if you plan on using it with a partner, if you’re in a position that length is lost, you probably won’t need to worry because there’s plenty of it to play with. Or, if you’re bigger bodied, sometimes length can be lost with a belly roll, or big booty getting in the way, but the Uncut is long enough I can’t imagine this being a problem.

The Uncut fits really well in a harness, and I take much joy in wearing it around the house, with a giant wang bouncing about on my mound. I have lots of dildos, few of them do I ever have the urge to wear, but the Uncut looks and feels so good. I can’t stop touching and squeezing it. Wearing it makes me feel powerful. Once it’s on I never want to take it off; much to my families dismay.

The Tantus Uncut #1 is a brilliant dildo. It’s beautiful, easy, and comfortable. It stimulates but isn’t overwhelming, it’s squishy enough to clench around and thrust recklessly. It looks wonderful in a harness, and can be stuck in any hole you want. It’s a really well-rounded dildo.

If uncut cocks are your thing, if you love dual-density, if you love deep penetration, the Tantus Uncut #1 is a dildo you should keep your eye out for.

If you love the look of the Uncut, or even the idea of the Uncut, but have a shallow vaginal canal, you might be better off getting the Uncut #2, which is shorter and thinner.

UPDATE: The Uncuts have been released! Get your own right here at Tantus.


I was sent the Uncut in exchange for my honest review


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  1. I got a (suspiciously) cheap Uncut #1 online, and I’m a little worried there’s something “off” about it. It’s not squishy (slightly softer than regular tantus silicone, which is super-firm to my hands) really, there’s no tantus logo/stamp on the base (which I know only some of their stuff has) and there’s an odd shine spot on the ridge that makes it look like I wiped a little oil on it. The left side has a bit of texture that looks like a piece of knitted fabric was pressed into it. Does this match your experience? Am I looking at some kind of bizarre dildo fraud?

    • Sorry for the delayed response. I approved your comment then forgot to reply.
      Tantus dual density isn’t super squishy, but the head should be considerably squishier than the shaft.
      Mine has the Tantus logo, so not having that definitely sounds like a red flag.

      I only have the larger Uncut, so maybe the smaller one is different. But what you’ve described does seem a little odd.

      Where did you purchase it from?

      • I do have the larger one; it came in packaging that seems legit (there’s no poorly aligned graphics or other things that would indicate it’s not a real tantus box) and I bought it from a well-rated Amazon seller. I got it for about $70, which worried me, though I’ve gotten similar nearly-too-good-to-be-true deals before. It’s good-quality silicone as far as I can tell and passes a flame test, but it’s not as squishy as I’d expect (the head is softer than the rest, and it seems to have a firmer core, but overall it’s very firm.) The details (veins, texture) match photos of actual Tantus uncut #1s. There’s no Tantus logo anywhere on the toy itself.

        • Kind of late to the party, but I’m having a similar thing recently. I bought a display version of a dildo that looks exactly like the uncut #1 in mocha in a giant clearance from a local sex shop that’s actually highly regarded in the community for being body-safe, transparent, and only selling the best. But there wasn’t a logo on the base, so I asked and they weren’t sure who made it (they sell most other Tantus products too). It looks and feels exactly like an Uncut #1 – I’m wondering if some of them didn’t get the stamp?

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