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Tracey Cox Supersex RabbitMy clit has become somewhat of a snob since I started reviewing. It’s become accustomed to deep, rumbling vibrations and strength. Sadly, with the quality there comes a price, which is usually too-high for someone not as invested in sex toys as I am.

So I’ve been trying to find toys to review that are quality, and still affordable.

I wasn’t sure how the Tracey Cox Supersex rabbit would stack up. With my finicky, snobbish clit, surely it was destined to be a failure?

I’m pleasantly surprised.

The Supersex rabbit has two vibration speeds, and they’re both decently strong. They won’t make a power-seeker screech with happiness, but they should be sufficient for the average user.

It’s remarkably easy to operate and comfy to hold. There’s an on button that turns it on and off, then another button that you click through for the patterns and settings. It starts on the low steady vibration, then up to the high steady vibration, then through the 5 patterns. Some of the patterns are both the clitoral arm and shaft, others alternate between the two. Patterns don’t do much for me, so I stick to the steady options. If you like patterns though, you’re covered. I do find that I accidentally press the buttons quite a lot, which can be a major bummer if I’m close to orgasm.

It isn’t the strongest vibrator by any means. The vibrations it provides are very buzzy, and yet it works surprisingly well.

I believe the secret to getting the Tracey Cox Supersex rabbit to work for me is movement. If I were to hold the vibe in place, it wouldn’t do much. It’s just too buzzy. But with a small jiggle, the ears rub my clit as well as vibrating it, I get more stimulation internally, and that gives me enough to lead to a satisfying orgasm.

I need a combination of both internal and external stimulation to orgasm, and rabbit vibes work awesomely for that. Most times I grab a clit vibe hoping that maybe this time I’ll be able to use it and come in five minutes; it never works out that way, and I resign myself to having to grab a dildo.
This is a vibrator I would reach for if I want to masturbate but can’t really be bothered with the effort of thrusting a dildo and working on my clit. I stick it in, get all the stimulation I need, and can orgasm faster with far less effort.

It’s rechargeable; you jam the connector through the end and it does its thing. No annoying magnetic chargers here. A charge lasts a decent amount of time too, as far as I can tell. The Supersex rabbit is fairly quiet. You shouldn’t be able to hear it from under a blanket, and definitely not through a door.

The silicone is nice and silky soft, there’s no obvious seams, and it feels really good against the skin. It doesn’t need much lube to get it nice and slippery for insertion.
It collects lint but it’s not one of those silicones you have to battle with to get it off. I just rubbed it on my cat, it picked up hairs, and I could easily wipe them off with my hand.

The clitoral arm on the Supersex rabbit is bendy, which means you can bend it to where you need it, within reason. It’s a teeny tiny bit to short to reach my clit where I want it to, but I can still manipulate it to work. The shaft itself is also fairly flexible. This means if you’re expecting very firm G-spot stimulation you won’t get it, the shaft will simply bend away. You can still get G-spot and internal stimulation, but it’s not super hard or intense.

I can’t find anything that mentions whether it’s waterproof or not. I think I lost the manual that came inside the box, so I can’t check; It’s usually something that would be mentioned though. To be safe I’m assuming it’s not. This makes cleaning a more stressful experience, but it’s still fairly easy. Some soap and water on the shaft, then a rinse. If I want to clean the handle, I use a wash cloth.

I think the Supersex rabbit is most suitable for someone new to sex toys, who wants something easy and doesn’t need super powerful or deep vibrations.
If you’re a lazy masturbator seeking an inexpensive rabbit vibe, this one is a really good choice. With Lovehoney’s kickass one year, no-questions asked return policy, and regular sales, you can’t really go wrong.

If, however, you’re after a stronger rabbit, and have some more money to spend, I’d really recommend the Happy Rabbit 2. I haven’t had a chance to review it, but it’s a pretty damn powerful vibrator. And waterproof!

Right now, if you use this link right here, you can get 20% off a $30 spend.


I was sent the Supersex rabbit in exchange for my honest review

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