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Fun Factory Stronic DreiI’ve wanted to try a Stronic for a very long time. Now I’ve had the chance, and I’m feeling painfully indifferent about it.

The Fun Factory Stronics are pulsators. Rather than working like a traditional vibrator, where the motor rotates rapidly, Stronics have magic locked inside them that make them thrust.

The Stronic Drei is the third in the line (‘Drei’ is ‘three’ in German) and the only one that has texture going on. Like the Zwei, it’s anal safe due to the flare at the base of the shaft. The upwards tip, in theory, makes it ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation. It has an insertable length of 4.5″ and a maximum girth of 5.4″. It comes in three colours, one of which is an amazing tealy-blue, called Petrol, that I have. I wish every company had teal shades as an option on their toys because it is my jam and will win my heart every single time.

The Stronic Drei comes packaged simply but sufficiently. It has a cardboard slip with a box inside. Inside the box is the USB magnetic charging cable, instructions, and the toy.

Now, Fun Factory silicone is weird. I touched a Stronic in a toy store once and was taken aback by how strange it feels. Thankfully my Drei doesn’t feel as gross as that one did but it’s not silky soft like most luxury brands, and is instead very matte and grabby.

It requires water-based lube to keep things slick, pleasant and as non-grabby as possible. The Drei is waterproof and can be submerged, which is awesome, because the texture of the silicone refuses to ever let me clean it with ease. Every single time I’ve cleaned it, once it’s dry there will be crusty vag stuff on it. Every time. No matter how thoroughly I think I’ve rubbed it down and soaped it up. No matter whether I use a sponge or towel to try to pick up anything fingers miss, there’s still goddamn vag gunk hanging out on it once it’s dry.

The sensation that the Stronic Drei produces is obviously very different to that of a vibrator. It shakes back and forth and feels… jiggly. I think I vastly overestimated just how much motion the Drei would have, despite having seen videos of it. The range of motion is fairly limited, which for my thrust-hungry vag turned out to be a bit disappointing. It’s not horrible, the sensation feels deep and it stimulates me, but it’s not enough. I like long, deep, forceful thrusting that moves at the speed of light, and the Drei just can’t do that.

It feels good. It drives me crazy and turns me on, but I inevitably end up frustrated and grabbing for something else. Something that allows me to pound my cunt into oblivion. Even when I can bring myself to orgasm with Drei in place and the assistance of a clitoral vibe, I still crave more thrusting. There’s been multiple times I’ve just grabbed it and started using it to thrust, which feels awesome, but any textured dildo can accomplish that. Speaking of texture, the ridges on Drei look like they may be a little harsh, but unless you’re incredibly sensitive to texture, they’re quite nice. They’re not rough or unforgiving, despite how they look. It also helps that the tip of the Drei is flexible and the ridges have some squish to them.

The Drei can be used handsfree. You can see the different positions that Fun Factory have come up with over here. Most of the positions work reasonably well, but I find that often the toy will make a run for it at the first sign of clenching or wetness. The only way to prevent it is to either close your legs, or hold it lightly. Closing your thighs on the handle significantly dulls the sensation, so holding it gently is the better option. That comes with its own problems though; It took me a few uses to learn how to hold the handle enough to keep it in, but not so hard as to restrict the movement.

The handsfree positions that worked best for me were on my side, with Drei’s handle resting on my thigh, and riding it. On my side I find it hard to stimulate my clit because I have large labia and even larger thighs, which get in the way. I found riding it with the handle resting against my bed was best, even though I didn’t find the sensation as intense as in others. This is a position that works well for me in almost all circumstances, I don’t know why, my vagina just reacts well to it, and it was no different with the Drei. In addition to a vibe, it was pretty great, but I still found myself caving a deep pounding afterward.

The Stronic Drei boasts an upwardly turned tip, designed for G-spot or prostate stimulation, that doesn’t do anything for me. By all means it should work, but it doesn’t. I’m going to blame the small range of movement, as my G-spot usually responds best to rough thrusting that pulls and grabs at it. A jiggle isn’t enough.

Drei is beyond easy to charge and operate. The magnets on the charging cable hold well, and the buttons are satisfying to press. There’s a dedicated on/off button, the (+) and (-) make sense, and there’s a travel lock function. There’s six speeds, as well as four patterns.

One thing about the Stronic Drei that surprises me is just how quiet it is. It makes barely any sound, and even less once it’s inserted. I’ve got bullet vibes that are far louder than the Drei is. Magic.

The Fun Factory Stronic Drei is a good toy. It’s well made, easy and quiet. But for my genitals, it just doesn’t do quite enough. If you don’t need thrusting like I do, and if you have the money to spend on a Stronic, I think this genital-jiggler would be a nice addition to you arsenal.


I was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.


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  1. I am in love with my Stronic Zwei, dude. I found that having it thrust against my hand works best. It’s hard to describe what I mean. I place my hand like a wall and I have the toy hit my hand to keep it from sliding out.

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