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FFBOUNCER1It’s no secret I’ve been lusting after the Fun Factory Bouncer since its release. It’s a genuinely unique toy, a dildo with jiggle balls inside, surely the sensation would be one of a kind, and no doubt something I needed in my collection and my vagina.

When I attended Melbourne Sexpo in November a store there had the Bouncer on display; I practically pounced on it, desperate to feel how the balls felt when shaken, and it was even cooler than I imagined it’d be. So when the lovely folk at MimiDeLuxe emailed me asking me if I’d like to review for them again, and I saw the Bouncer on their site, I knew my time had finally come. I was at last getting my most lusted after toy of 2015.

My conclusion is that some type of sex toy alien must have beamed up a Fun Factory employee and branded this idea in their mind, because no human is capable of inventing and successfully executing the creation of something so simplistic, yet magical. I was talking to a reviewer friend on Skype the other week, when I said something damn near blasphemous, that I’m going to repeat here.

I love the Bouncer as much, if not more, than I love the Tantus Cush 02.

If you’re new to my blog you might not understand how much of a big deal this is, I encourage you to go read my review of the Cush, but TL;DR, Cush was my first dildo love when I got into toys almost 2 years ago. It’s the first dildo I wished I could give everyone on the planet who wanted one. I would buy one of each shade of Cush, I would preach of its Godlyness until my voice was no more, then I’d start on signs and hang them everywhere so everyone could know.

The Bouncer has come along, wooed my vagina, jumped on the throne next to the Cush and is doing its best to nudge it off.

The Fun Factory Bouncer is very simple. It’s a silicone dildo with three bloops in the shaft. Each bloop has a jiggle ball inside it. It creates the same sensation as a kegel exerciser, but magnified, as when you thrust it the balls are forcefully shaken. I find I feel it most at my vaginal opening, where there’s extra nerves to pick up on the sensation.

There’s a small curve in the overall shape of the Bouncer, it rubs my G-spot lightly, and I can feel the jiggle there too. The bloops work well as another facet of stimulation, if the shaft were straight with the balls inside I don’t imagine it would feel so gosh darn amazing. It simply provides some more surface area that rubs and pulls at my insides in the best way. If like me your vagina doesn’t work with smooth toys, the bloops negate that problem.


Fun Factory silicone is notoriously gritty and the Bouncer is no different. Personally I don’t find it to be an issue once I’ve applied some lube, my vagina is rather fond of the texture, it enhances the feeling of the bloops rubbing and pulling. It’s not a large toy girth-wise, it maxes out at about 1.5 inches diameter, but I imagine if you’re sensitive to texture it would feel larger and more intimidating than it truly is.

It does require fast thrusting to really have the jiggling be felt, but thankfully I am a thruster. That’s how I wank, it’s what I love and this is my home ground. The first time I used the Bouncer I got too enthusiastic too soon, and my vagina ended up overstimulated before I could orgasm. Even then it was amazing. The jiggle is so noticeable and it’s a totally different sensation to what the average dildo provides.

After my first technical failure I learnt that I can’t thrust fast from the get go, I have to do slower thrusts and work up to it, otherwise I can’t go on because all my nerves are on fire and it’s just too intense. But when it works, it works wonderfully. I orgasm hard, I orgasm fast. I end up in a puddle of my own ejaculate. One orgasm and I’m totally fucked-out and my genitals are surrounded in a probably visible pulsating aura of happiness.

Fun Factory has done something very, very right with the Bouncer. I don’t have the words to praise it to the extent I desire to.

Being high-quality silicone the FF Bouncer is totally safe to share with someone, just spray or soak in some diluted bleach, thoroughly wash it off with some soap, and you’re ready to go share the joy with someone else. Alongside the flared base, this means you can stick it in a butt too.

I thought the jiggle balls would make a difference in stimulation. I knew they would, but I had no idea they would do it so well. It may not sound amazing, just some balls jiggling inside a dildo, but they force the nerves to wake up and pay attention. It enhances the stimulation all over by a metric fucktonne. Those nerves in your vulva/vaginal opening that you know are there but never really get the attention they deserve? The Bouncer throws an impromptu vag party and they’re so excited to come because they’ve never been invited to such a rad party before that they can’t contain their happiness, maybe they get a little too excited and far too wasted off the joy, but they’re happy and they’re gonna let you know how thankful they are.

I don’t even have any small niggles with it. None. I cannot pick something wrong with this toy. I’m trying guys, but I can’t. Sure, some people won’t like the silicone and it gets extra linty. If you’re a lazy masturbator who doesn’t thrust much, or thrusting doesn’t do it for you, you won’t get the full effect. But if you enjoy new sensations, unique toys, and you prefer to thrust a dildo like your life is dependent on fucking yourself at the speed of light, then the Fun Factory Bouncer is probably for you. And you will probably adore it like I adore it. If I could I would give you one because you deserve to feel this toy work its magic. IT’S JUST SO AMAZING AND I LOVE IT A LOT. SO MUCH. It deserves a shrine and candles and a glass cabinet to be kept inside to keep it safe when I’m not thrusting it manically inside myself and exploding with joy. It’s a truly fantastic toy.



I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Holy crap this sounds amazing. Fun Factory isn’t as well known in Canada, which bums me out because their products always get solid reviews, but is one of the better ones I’ve seen. One day. One day.

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