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Using the Clone-A-Willy kit is an experience. It’s messy and kind of pain in the ass but somehow manages to still be pretty fun.

My boyfriend and I have attempted it twice. The kit comes with two tubs of liquid rubber/silicone, a stirring stick, thermometer and a pack of rubber powder. All you need is a spoon, bowl, measuring cup, scissors and tape. If you’re worried about keeping hard, having a cock ring is a good idea too.


All the instructions come with the kit. There’s also a YouTube video of them doing it on a cucumber, which you can watch too. You really, really, need to read the instructions over a few times before you go ahead and do it. Timing is super important, you only have 2 minutes to mix it and get the dick in the goo-tube.

The first time we didn’t do it fast enough and the rubber set before we could get him hard enough to stick it in. It sets really quickly and the pressure to stay hard while thinking about sticking your dick in goo isn’t the best erection-keeper.

Feeling a bit defeated we threw it all in the bin and decided to try again in the future.

The future being only a few days away because I went on Lovehoney.com.au and bought a separate mold powder packet. If you’ve never done this before, I’d recommend buying an extra packet because it really isn’t easy to get timing right.

I pulled the tube out of the bin and rinsed it out and sat it aside along with everything else and waited for the new powder to arrive.

We went away for a few days and when we got back it was here. We waited, trying to work out when the best time to try again would be. Do I suck him while he mixes it up? Does he fuck me while I mix it up? Do we stop in the middle of sexy-time and do it then?

We went with interrupting sex.

We were about to get down to it and then went “Fuck it!” We stuck on a cock ring just to ensure that he stayed nice and erect and I ran to the bathroom to get the (EXACTLY) 37 degree water. I ran back to my bedroom, didn’t bother to pour the water in a different bowl, and just tipped the powder in. You’re supposed to stir it for a good minute but I was in a hurry and really wanted it to work this time, so I only mixed it just enough. Like, 40 seconds. Then rushed to pour it in the tube and essentially threw it onto his dick.

It went everywhere.

Absolutely everywhere.

There is dry rubber embedded in my carpet.

Don’t do this without a towel under you, at the very least.

You tip a tube full of goo horizontally and then put an object in the goo and so much of it comes out. And it’s a bitch to get off things. Standing in a bath is probably your best bet if you don’t want to ruin your floor.

We held it there until he felt the goop tighten around him and it looked and felt set enough to hold its shape.

In the rush of it all his dick was touching the side and we’d squeezed the tube while holding it to his body, meaning the mold ended up a bit odd.

See the flat spot?

See the flat spot?

We waited about 3 hours before we mixed up the rubber/silicone and poured it in to the mold. This is when we could really tell we should have adjusted its placement more because we could see lots of purple through the tube. Oh well! The vibrator is awkward to place and sticks out a lot on the finished product. It’s generally not a great vibe anyway.

We waited the 24 hours until it was set and then pulled it out eagerly.

Yeah. Definitely not the same shape as him. Same curve, same girth, different shaft shape. The head though, it was a perfect copy, and for that I am over the moon because I love how his head and frenulum look.


The prettiest cock I’ve ever seen

It picks up a surprising amount of detail. You can see the skin texture on his head, the light veining, foreskin ridge. All the important things. There are some minor imperfections, air bubbles and such, but not enough to make it unusable. The ‘silicone’ is pretty sturdy with not much give to it. I’m not sure I trust it to be silicone; I’d flame test the material but I don’t want to set my boyfriends dick on fire.

Despite it not turning out perfectly, I still really love it.

My favourite part of the whole experience was when it was done and I told him to open his mouth, then proceeded to place the head in. At first, he didn’t open his mouth wide enough, when I told him to open wider, I think that’s when he realized how awkward and jaw-achey blow jobs can be.

I’d recommend this kit if you want something fun and don’t mind how it turns out. If you don’t get a cool replica dildo, you can still have a cool cock monument to sit on your shelf and stare at wistfully when you can’t see the real thing.

 You can get your own Clone-A-Willy kit at Lovehoney.com.au

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  3 Responses to “Review: Clone-A-Willy”

  1. Thanks for the great review! I am really interested in this and the Clone-a-Pussy as well. We are in a long distance relationship, have been for 5 years, and there are other reasons too why it might be nice to have clones!

    Anyway, I was just wondering, is this a one-size-fits-all deal? I am not small, and other things that are meant to fit everyone did not fit me.

    I know you said your results were not perfect, but it looks really great!! Seems like it would be hard to do, but I’d be thrilled if it turned out like you guys got. Like your man, I would have to try giving it a blow, just to see what it’s like, ha! That was a great idea. I’m sure it is not very fun for the jaw.

    Enjoyed your Clone-a-Pussy review, too. I agree it’s a shame some parts turned out thin, but there again, I would be really happy with the results. It would be nice just to have that to look at when we’re apart!

    thanks again PS you both have very nice genitals.

    • Thank you!
      I do believe it’s one sit fits all. The tube the kit comes in is fairly large – think the size of those extra-large bug-spray cans, but maybe a little thicker. So unless your peen is MASSIVE, or has a very intense curve to it (which requires some tube trimming), it’ll fit.

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