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As of right now, the njoy Pure Plug is the best plug I’ve ever stuck up my butt.

My pure plug is a large. When it arrived in the mail, upon opening, my immediate reaction was that it’s not really that “large”. I’ve bigger plugs in softer materials but considering it’s steel, any larger would probably be a little daunting for me.


The large pure plug is a hefty 310 grams. The largest diameter of the bulb is 1.5″ and the insertable length is 2.75″. When I first got it, I had to warm up with fingers first before inserting, now I can insert it with some lube and a cooperative butt, without any warm up. I don’t need to use buckets of lube, only just enough, because it spreads so easily and the toy is so grip-free anyway. The material and sleekness make it slip in with relative ease.  Because of the shape, after a certain point, your butt suctions it in. There’s a nice gentle stretch and then it pops in. I generally dislike when things pop into my vagina, but my butt is different.

The pure plug just feels good. You’d think the weight of it would feel odd, but if you’re wearing it around, it’s a nice reminder that it’s there. It’s not the sort of plug you can’t really stick in and forget. The plug sits really well in the body and the base is absolute perfection. It slides right between my buttcheeks and stays there. It doesn’t dig in or cause any discomfort at all. I can walk around, sit, do the hokey-pokey, and it’s fine. The design makes the pure plug great for long term wear. The neck tapers out to a nice small diameter where it meets the base, which means that it stays in. The bulb sits in the right spot so I don’t feel like it’s constantly trying to escape like other plugs do.

I really enjoy butt play. I don’t get to engage in it as much as I would like because of digestive issues, but when I do I go for the pure plug. I find I prefer harder materials in my butt, it feels better to me. When wearing the plug around I find myself constantly turned on. The way the pure plug sits and stimulates does things to me and there’s been times when I can’t handle it and go masturbate because I’m so aroused. I’ve worn it and started grinding down to feel it because I’m so turned on.

I bought the pure plug with the intention of using it during sex. With previous plugs I’ve had, wearing them during vaginal penetration would cause them to be pushed out, which is such a mood killer. The pure plug doesn’t do that. It stays put and doesn’t budge. I still worry it’ll get pushed out, but it never does. The pure plug has a 100% hit rate for staying in my booty. I’ve used it during masturbation and the added stimulation is glorious. It makes my vagina feel a lot tighter and the hard steel doesn’t flex so I can feel the stimulation through my vaginal wall, hitting all those nerves.

The weirdest thing about the pure plug is peeing while I’m wearing it. Relaxing the muscles to pee, I feel like maybe I’ll relax my butt muscles and it’ll slip out. I’m not afraid of it slipping out because retrieving it from the toilet would be unpleasant, I’m afraid of it slipping out and smashing the porcelain of the toilet. It’s heavy and could be used as a weapon if you really wanted to.

The only issue I’ve had is that occasionally the base rubs or pinches or does something to my perineal raphe. Not always, but it has happened and it’s… Not great. The first time it happened I tried adding lube so if it was gripping that would change that. Didn’t work. Tried removing the lube, which also didn’t work. I don’t know why it does it though, not even the slightest clue.

All njoy toys come in fancy-ass packaging that is sturdy and great for storage. Being metal it’s compatible with all lubes, plus it’s completely body-safe and sterilizable. Avoid using harsh cleaners on it as that could damage the finish.

I think where the pure plug works best is for long-term wear and use during sex. I don’t think it’s be very helpful in anal sex prep, as once the bulb is in, the anus is only holding the thin neck. I’m still fairly inexperienced in anal, but when I’m warming up for it, I prefer a toy with a thicker neck so I know I’m working all the muscles.

The njoy Pure Plug is a brilliantly designed, quality plug, that if taken care of properly will last a lifetime. Like most high-quality toys it is a bit of an investment price-wise, but it’s well and truly worth it. I bought mine and I don’t regret a single penny spent on it. I regret buying crappy butt plugs before it, and wish I had of gottten one sooner.

It is by far my favourite butt plug I own.

I purchased mine from Lovehoney.com.au. If you don’t want a large there’s also a small, medium and a larger-than-large, Pure Plug 2.0.

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