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I still get nervous about this toy. It’s not big or intimidating at all, it’s the first anal toy I ever bought for just that reason. This toy makes me nervous because, although being marketed as a plug, it should very much not be used as a plug. The ring that is supposed to be the base, y’know, the flared base that stops it from slipping up your ass? Well, it’s flexible. And turns out, whilst in the throes of awesome Skype sex with a buttplug in your booty and fucking yourself vigorously with a dildo, there’s a very real risk of it getting… Misplaced.

This toy should only be used when you’re with a partner. A partner who has their finger through the ring. Or if you plan to keep your finger through it constantly. I mean, it says it right in the name. One-Finger. One finger through the ring at all times. Trust me. Don’t remove the finger. Don’t remove the finger and be cajoled into believing your ass won’t suck that thing up the first chance it gets. Because it will. Trust me on this.

pipedream one finger anal plug

It was probably the second time that I used this plug. I was still new to anal play but learnt very quickly I really very much like things in my butt. I knew that flared bases were important, but I thought the ring would be enough. I didn’t understand the true force of my arsehole to absorb things. The flexible ring was no match for my ass. As I said, I was on Skype, fucking myself. I felt the ring pinching a little bit. At that time, I didn’t realize the pinching was from the ring pulling weird on my butthole, I just thought the plug was a little uncomfortable. I continued, paying no attention to it and, soon enough, the pinching went away. We finished jacking off and I went to shower. I like to shower after anal play in case of poop when the plug is removed. I got in the shower, high on post-orgasm goodness. I went to pull the plug out.

I couldn’t feel anything.

I touched around frantically thinking maybe it had fallen out during play. I didn’t see it when I got up though. Then I realized what had happened.

Without thinking, I stuck my finger up my ass and felt the ring, briskly looping my finger through and ripping it out.

It was pretty scary.

Had I of stopped for a second, I would have realized that things come out my butt all the time, it was thin, I’d had many a poop bigger, I could have just pushed it out. But, I had a buttplug rammed right up my ass, I wasn’t thinking clearly.

So, aside from absolute mortification at that incident, I do like this toy.

The ring is far too easily flexible(obviously), the rest of the toy is more solid and harder to manipulate but not overly so. Squish wise, there isn’t much, the silicone doesn’t have much give to it.

As silicone can do, it does harbor butt-smell sometimes. The ring makes a good little handle to thrust it with. The One-Finger plug is small, 4.5″ long and only 1″ in width. It’s smooth matte silicone and feels lovely, especially once lubed up and sliding in and out of my butt. It’s best to stick to a good water-based lube as not to ruin the silicone.pipedream one finger anal plug


Despite that one incident I did use it again like that, just, paying a lot of attention and checking it constantly. I wore it during sex, it made me feel tighter, for both my boyfriend and I, and good lord the added sensation was great. When it’s in my butt and I’m being penetrated vaginally, I can feel the ridges through my butt/vag wall, and it’s a lovely feeling. It would be better if I wasn’t constantly worried about it getting lost again though.

It comes with a “prep-kit” which includes anal eaze, which I promptly threw away. If I’m sticking things in a sensitive area, and it hurts, I wanna know, because that’s not a place that should hurt. It also has lube which I still haven’t used, a small bottle of toy cleaner which I actually liked and re-purchased in a bigger bottle later on, and two finger condoms, which is just another thing that could get lost up my ass.

I think, all in all, it’s not a bad beginner anal toy. It’s petite, silky, nicely shaped and, being silicone, hygienic. Just don’t use it as a plug. This is good when not used as a plug. Small, beginners anal dildo with ring handle. That’s what it is. And it’s good at being that.

If my story hasn’t scared you away, you can get   your One-Finger not-a-plug here at WildSecrets.

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