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tantus twist plug

Ok, now that’s out of my system, to the review!

I like to stick things in my ass. More specifically, I like to stick butt plugs in my ass and then stick other things in my vagina. The combination of having my ass filled while something stimulates my G-spot, is quite frankly, amazing. All of my nerves are stimulated and it brings me to a really satisfying, explosive orgasm.

When JOUJOU asked me if I wanted to review some Tantus toys, I said yes, because Tantus is amazing. They make wonderful toys from platinum cure silicone. All their toys are body-safe and completely sterilisable by bleaching or boiling. JOUJOU sent me both the Tantus Adam 02 dildo and the Twist in exchange for my review.

I chose the Twist because my butt loves texture. Whether vaginally or anally my body prefers at least some sort of texture, otherwise I’m left bored and completely underwhelmed. Even a light wave in the shaft is better than nothing. The Tantus Twist is the most highly textured anal plug I’ve come across.

As Beyoncé says, if you like it then you should put a ring on it, and that’s exactly what I intended to do.

I thought the texture would make it amazing for wearing during double penetration. When I’m doing DP in both holes, I can feel the texture through the wall between my butt and vagina. Having a toy thrust in and out of my vagina presses against the texture of the toy in my ass. This lights up all those nerve and makes the overall stimulation downright amazing.

The Tantus Twist is very high quality, like I’ve come to expect from all Tantus toys. It comes in very basic packaging thats not suitable for storage. The Twist’s silicone texture is different to other butt toys; it has a very soft, powdery feel to it. It’s another one of those silicones I just want to rub against my face forever. It makes insertion easier as the lube glides over it and makes is silky smooth and eliminates the already damn near non-existent drag. There’s a little give in the body, while the neck and base are flexible enough that it moves when you’re wearing it so it doesn’t get uncomfortable.

After rubbing it on my face and washing it, I decided I wanted to stick it in my vag. I don’t know why, but the urge was there. So before I shoved it in other places, I tried it vaginally. It was mediocre. Not really my thing.

Not gunna lie, this plug is as intense as it looks. I can slip the Twist in without warmup with nothing but some lube roughly spread over it. Size wise it’s not all that big, at 4inches insertable length and a maximum circumference of 4.4″. I don’t have to screw the Twist in, my butt gobbles it up (what a great mental image) without issue. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it for beginners though. The ridges could make it a serious pain if your butt isn’t accustomed to toys. I am by no means at an advanced level of anal play, I’m pretty much a beginner myself, my ass is just hardcore. My ass is a champion.

I don’t really enjoy sliding it in, it’s what comes after I like the most.

When the Tantus Twist is just sitting inside me I can’t really feel the texture. If I squeeze and clench, I can feel it, kind of, but not heaps. I do really enjoy using a clit vibe while it’s inserted, the muscle clenches while I’m getting off that way make me pay attention to it and the texture. The stimulation of all the nerves back there make clit orgasms more fun and intense. The best way though, is once it’s in and I insert another toy vaginally.

The screw like texture? Intense. As. Hell. I can feel every little ridge through my wall and damn if I don’t love it. When I add a clit vibe to the mix, explosive orgasms are sure to ensue quickly.

Sometimes if the vaginal toy is too thick, or too hard, it can be uncomfortable. It’s an intense toy and although there’s some give to the silicone it can be too rough and too intense on occasion. The uncomfortable feeling can usually be avoided my either using a smaller toy vaginally or adding some more lube.

Tantus butt plugs continue to surprise me. I’ve used the Ryder during DP, which is overall thicker than the Twist, and it stays in. During fast thrusting or orgasm, it doesn’t shoot out like other plugs usually would. And the Twist is the same. I find the base really comfortable and to be the perfect length. The neck drops down enough that the rest of the toy stays put. It’s never gone shooting out of me like an ass missile. The neck is also long enough that it doesn’t feel like its planning it’s escape or like its making the inner sphincter weird and uncomfortable. How this works, I don’t know. Until these toys the only butt plug that would stay in was the njoy pure plug.

The one other downside to the Twist, aside from occasionally being overstimulating, is that the ridges collect poop pretty well.

Now, this could probably be avoided by cleaning my innards before use, but I hate having to go through all that trouble just to avoid a little poop when I’m playing on my own. I find that as long as I don’t actively need to go when I’m playing with my butt, any fecal matter that appears is minimum. I have accepted poop as something that happens when you stick things in the area poop belongs. It happens. I’m over it. I suggest that we all accept it. It’s not a big deal. Have some wipes on hand and if poop makes an appearance, wipe it away and move on.

If you are really squicked out by poop though, the Twist does have a tendency to grab it. Be warned. This also means that you need to double-check it during cleaning to make sure you’ve cleaned it all off.

The Tantus Twist plugs come with two colour options, black and this nice true purple I have. JOUJOU only has the purple in currently but I promise it’s a nice purple.

If you’re a fan of texture anally, if you’re a fan of double penetration on top of that, you probably need the Tantus Twist plug in your life.

If you’re not quite ready for something this crazy but you still want to stick some silky smooth, high-quality silicone in your ass, there’s always the Tantus Juice and Neo.

UntitledI was sent the Tantus Twist in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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