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The Mystim Tickling Truman is an E-stim vibrator with a nice hunk of girth to it.

Woah, wait, hold up. E-stim? Yes. E-stim. Electro stimulation. Electrical currents. In a vibrator. In your genitals.

I’m going to make a point right now of telling you it must be in your genitals. Not on, not around, in. I’ll talk more on that later.

Why would you want to zap your genitals? SCIENCE. Well, kind of. There’s a few reasons someone would want to electrocute their cunt. Some might like pain, it’s a new experience, it can enhance sensations, some might just like sensation play. Personally I just thought it’d feel cool. My only experience with E-stim prior to owning the Tickling Truman was with a TENS machine I had used on my leg. It felt odd and weird and I wanted to know what it’d feel like in more intimate areas.


For the record, E-stim doesn’t really zap you. It sends tingles through your nerves that are not at all painful. It can cause muscle spasms – or contractions, really. That’s part of the appeal of an E-stim toy. When you orgasm your muscles contract, and E-stim can cause the same intense contractions. If it happens during orgasm, it can improve the intensity of your orgasm. I imagine it might help you get there quicker, or more intensely, if your muscles are weaker and don’t contract well on their own. Don’t quote me on that though.

The Tickling Truman has the potential to do any of those things. Truman can be used either as a vibrator or for E-stim, or a combination of the two.

As a vibrator, the vibrations Truman provides are lackluster and fairly buzzy. Not the worst but not the best. Truman has two motors, one at the tip and one just above the control pad. There are settings for each. Some use just one and some use both, which gives a nice reverberating feel. Overall they don’t penetrate deeply enough though. Just not enough oomph behind them.

Using Truman on my clit is disappointing, but it’s not meant to be an external vibe anyway. Internally it feels better, the buzzy vibrations don’t feel as numbing.

The E-stim portion of the Tickling Truman is fun. There are multiple settings and patterns which you can increase and decrease the intensity of. There’s a steady tingle, a basic on-off pattern, a mix of steady and pulses. Something for everyone. I like them all at different stages. On the lower intensities it’s barely noticeable but I can increase it to the point I can feel the tingles travelling up into my clit. That’s my favourite. It makes my clit do a weird tinglethrob thing which feels odd but really, really, nice.

Combining the two together feels great. The vibrations suck on their own but when combined with the E-stim they’re infinitely more enjoyable. They do take away from how obvious the E-stim feels, but if I concentrate I can still feel it radiate through my nerves. The vibrations feel so much better this way. My theory is that the E-stim stimulates my nerves and whilst the E-stim is on, tingling through everything, it gives depth to the vibrations that they’re missing otherwise.

Truman is fairly girthy for a vibrator. It’s about 1.75″ diameter, giving it a maximum circumference around the corona of about 5.5 inches. I find Truman to be perfectly sized; I feel full without being stretched and I don’t need warm up to slip it in. I just add some water-based lube, which helps with conductivity as well. It will however be too big for some people.

Mystim Tickling Truman

I can’t orgasm from the Tickling Truman alone, but if I add in a clit vibe I can orgasm easily. If I add a clit vibe and start thrusting Truman, the head grabs my G-spot and brings me to an awesome climax. Most internal vibrators suck to thrust with but Truman is marvelous. There’s a slightly flexible section at the bottom of the shaft that combined with the head, makes it great to fuck myself with.

The one downside of thrusting with the Tickling Truman is that you have to be careful not to pull it all the way out. If you do, you’re likely to get a zap unless you pull it out really fast and cleanly. There’s two metal plates that conduct the E-stim under the silicone, which sit on either side of the head. When both sides are in contact with human flesh, it conducts perfectly fine, but when only one side is touched, it zaps. I imagine on the lower settings it wouldn’t suck so bad, but speaking from experience, when you pull it out after having it on the higher E-stim setting and accidentally bump your thigh with it, it fucking sucks donkey genitals. It’s like a static zap you get after playing on a trampoline, except more intense. It doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it’s a very unpleasant surprise.

I’ve accidentally zapped myself a few times and I wouldn’t recommend it. At all. The instructions tell you to insert it before turning the E-stim on for a reason. Follow those instructions.

Tickling Truman charges through USB with a magnetic clip that sticks to the Mystim logo on the toy. The magnet is more than strong enough to stay put, I haven’t had any issues with it falling off.

As much as I love my Tickling Truman, there’s a few more downsides. It may come in a lovely hard case that is almost the best storage I’ve ever had come with a toy, right below njoy products, but the seam. God the seam. When I’m sending electrical waves through my bits I want top quality. A seam right down the middle of the silicone all the way around, is not something I think of when I think of quality. Mystim’s E-stim vibes are quite expensive, there shouldn’t be a seam when this toy is in the price range it is. I can’t feel the seam during use, but it’s an eyesore. It takes away from the overall awesomeness of the toy.

The other slight sucky bit is that Truman has exactly 3,000 buttons. Ok, so it actually only has six but damn, six is a lot of buttons. They’re all necessary so I can’t complain too much but they can be tricky to get used to. Also I have to explain them all. SO HERE WE GO.

Mystim Tickling TrumanThe zig-zaggy button – This controls the E-stim. Press to turn it on. Press to go through the patterns. Hold down to turn it off.

The + above the zig-zag – Press to increase the intensity.

The – above the zig-zag – Press to decrease the intensity.

The circle in the circle – This controls the vibrations. Press to turn on. Press to go through. Hold down to turn off.

The – below the circles – Decreases vibration intensity.

The + at the bottom –  Increases vibration intensity.

At least, I think that’s how they work. That’s how I use it and it works for me. Any combination of the two can be used at once so there’s pretty much endless possibilities.

The Mystim Tickling Truman has one more trick up its sleeve though; a kegel setting. If you click through the zig-zag, the final option turns the light yellow. Boom you’re in the kegel setting. The kegel exercise setting is made to cause those muscle contractions I mentioned at the start. The E-stim tightens and releases your muscles on your behalf. A few seconds clenched, a few second rest, and so on and so forth for as long as you want. You can increase and decrease the intensity the same way you can with the other settings, the higher you go the tighter your muscles contract. It’s really fun to watch too. You can see the handle move up and down as your muscles are tightened then released.

The Mystim Tickling Truman is a nice toy. I wish they would eradicate the seam and maybe add some rumblier vibrations, but despite that, I’ve really enjoyed my time with Truman. The E-stim provides a whole new feeling that I personally find enjoyable and stimulating. Some people will find the prickly feeling of E-stim weird and unpleasant, but if you think you’d like it, if you’ve felt the E-stim tingle before and are curious like I was, I would seriously recommend giving the Tickling Truman a try. It is expensive, so if you’re not sure you’d like it, I’d say to find a way to feel something with E-stim before you invest. It’s a very unique feeling that isn’t for everyone.

You can pick up a Tickling Truman to tingle your bits from Lovehoney or directly from Mystim.



I was sent the Tickling Truman by Mystim in exchange for my honest review.


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