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oxballs grippersI have to admit, I doubted the Oxballs Grippers. I have another pair of nipple suckers, some plastic ones that you screw to cause suction. I couldn’t imagine the Grippers would be anywhere near as effective as those.

I didn’t think the size would be big enough to create a good suction. Tiny little TPR cylinders? I don’t think so.

Well, I was wrong.

The Oxballs Gripper nipple suckers are very efficient little things. For a start, they’re not all that little. They’re about 2.1 inches long including the little loop handle. The cylinder itself is only 1.6 inches long and 1.15 inches wide. While the opening of the tube is 0.8 inches. They fit well over my nipples, which are, I think, fairly average sized.

To get the Grippers in place you need to squeeze all the air out, which is easy with how flexible the TPR is, place them where you want them and let go. The nipple suckers will attach themselves on dry skin, but it works a bit better if you put some sort of lubricant on your nipple first. It helps the skin get sucked into the tube easier. I’ve been using my water-based Sliquid, but any lubricant can be used. Even going completely au naturale with spit works wonders. The folk at Oxballs even recommend chapstick.

These nipple suckers are really easy to use. If you’re using them on your own, because hey, sometimes you want some achey nipples and nobody is around to assist, they’re great. I have ginormous breasts and occasionally nipple toys can be a pain to place, but with these all I need is a visible nipple and one free hand.

They do suck a good amount. I have fairly boring nipples; they don’t really do anything, kinda just hang out. They need some tough lovin’ to cause any fun sensations, and the Grippers work well for that. They suck them up enough that I can feel a gentle ache, and the longer they stay on the stronger the ache gets.

One thing I’m super impressed with by these suckers is that they do stay on. I didn’t think a little tube would create enough suction, but they do. I can gently tug them, I can jack off with them on, and they stay in place. If I knock them they don’t fall off. If I move they don’t fall off. My other nipple suckers are plastic, they’re bigger and heavier, and can sometimes get in the way. The Oxballs Grippers are great to stick on and leave be. They don’t get in the way when I’m reaching for lube, or getting another dildo.

Once I adjust to the initial ache, I can take them off and put them back on. My nipples refuse to get erect more often than not, so when I put the suckers on, they’re sucking up my flat nipple. Once I’ve already had them on, my nipples get harder, so if I take them off and put them on again, they suck a little harder on my erect, more sensitive, nipple.

These suckers are made from TPR. TPR shouldn’t leak chemicals, as it claims to be phthalate free, but it’s still porous and has the potential to react badly to other materials. You need to store them separately from other toys so they won’t melt and destroy everything. The Grippers come in very simple packaging. If you want, you could keep it to store them in, but honestly all you’d need is a plastic money bag.


They’re easy to clean with some warm water and soap. They can’t be sterilized. I imagine they’d work alright as a clit sucker, but as they can’t be cleaned thoroughly, and vulva are sensitive, I personally wouldn’t use them for that.

The Oxballs Grippers come in a few colours, so you have choices. You could match your suckers to your dildo or rope if you please.

If you want some super easy nipple suckers, whether to see if you like the sensation or just something simpler to use, the Oxballs Gripper nipple suckers get my recommendation. Pick some up directly from Oxballs, or over at Uberkinky.

OxballsI was sent this product in exchange for my honest review.


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