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WomanizerThe Womanizer is a unique sex toy with a horrendous name. We can all see what is wrong with it, and likely we are all cringing, I’m there with you, but I can’t deny that the Womanizer does things to my clitoris that I love. So I’m going to ignore the name, I’m letting it off the hook for now.

The Womanizer is a clitoral toy that sucks and vibrates. There’s a hollow silicone head that you place over your clit and it gently sucks while also providing some vibrations to enhance the sensation. Whether the Womanizer’s head with fit over your clit will vary. The opening is about half an inch wide. If you have a very large clitoris it probably won’t fit.

My clitoris is notoriously finicky and hard to please correctly. Often I can’t touch it directly, while other times it won’t respond to anything. When I masturbate, I rub or vibrate the shaft of my clitoris. If my hood gets pulled back and my clit is exposed further, it’s too much and will often ruin whatever is happening. I do however really enjoy oral sex and very light sucking that comes with that. Too much will once again ruin it because my clit does not agree with it.

So maybe I wasn’t the best person to review the Womanizer, but I had high hopes. To which the Womanizer reached.

The suction feels exactly like light gentle sucking on my clit. Rarely can I use the head placed directly over my clitoral glans, because it’s far too intense and almost painful, but just above the glans on my shaft, or dragging my hood down over my clit with the head, it’s great. I can feel the suction and the light vibrations and my body approves. If the Womanizer had a realistic tongue lapping at my cunt too, it’d be a perfect oral sex simulator.

I often start masturbating when I’m not horny. I have toys to test and I can’t wait until the mood strikes to get going. The problem with this is that since I use vibrators more often than my fingers to touch my clit, and my clit is so finicky when it comes to cooperating seamlessly with vibrations, they don’t always do much to contribute to my arousal. The Womanizer sucks my clit into submission and gets me turned on faster than any vibe I have. My body responds better to the suction than it does vibration. I can also bring myself to orgasm with the Womanizer more reliably than I can with a vibrator. I often can’t orgasm with a vibe alone, but I can regularly orgasm with just the Womanizer. And it’s really damn enjoyable. Even when I can’t orgasm from it, the suction feels really, really good.

Although I tend to use the Womanizer alone, I can also add a dildo into the mix, which is awesome too. Penetration with clit sucking? Mhmm yep I like that. The Womanizer isn’t the smallest toy, it’s about six inches long, and it can get a little pinchy when you’re messing around with a dildo as well. It just gets in the road with bigger toys. When I use it this way I prefer to use a longer dildo so that the base and my hand aren’t bumping against the Womanizer.

My nipples are also very fond of the Womanizer. My nipples are fairly dull, and don’t respond to much, but the suction and vibration works wonders for stimulating them.

The Womanizer is really comfy to hold, and never gives me hand cramps like most toys. Partially due to the size and shape of the handle, but also because I don’t need to use tonnes of pressure like I normally would. It’s also rechargeable and the battery lasts a long while. I’ve only had to recharge it a couple of times and I’ve used it plenty. The cover of the charging hole comes off completely and after the first charge I lost it, which means I need to be a little extra careful with cleaning.

There’s a few other downsides to the Womanizer too though. For a start, it’s fairly loud. It doesn’t sound like a vibrator but make a very obvious sucking sound, that dulls slightly when in place, or under blankets, but not enough to make it a discreet toy by any means.

The Womanizer is controlled by two buttons. An on/off button and a big false gem. My femme side loves the giant gem, it’s so grossly feminine and over-the-top that I just can’t help myself. You press the on/off to turn it on, and hold it to turn it off. The gem controls the vibration speeds. I can’t feel any difference in suction, there possibly could be and I’m not feeling it, but the vibrations do increase and have several intensities. The vibrations the Womanizer provides are buzzy, but I personally rarely use it on anything higher than the first speed so I can’t speak on whether they numb or not.

The buttons, the gem especially, are very easy to press and I have found myself knocking it and changing the speeds accidentally. Which sucks when it’s already such a precarious placement and borderline too-intense on the first speed. Knocking it up a speed throws my clit off. One thing that I’ve noticed though, is that if you go up in speed, a quick press of the on/off button drops it back down to the first speed. Which is handy, as you can’t cycle through them; once you’re at the highest you can’t go back down unless you turn it off and on again.

If the Womanizer isn’t completely in contact with your body, it feels like cool air being blown onto your clit, which confuses me but isn’t a real issue if you’re using it properly.

The head of the Womanizer is removable. You can pull it off and it’s easily washed with some soap and water, or boil/bleach it for sterilization. A cotton bud can be used to clean the deeper, connected part of the head. If the handle gets dirty you can just wipe it down with a damp cloth or some bleach. It also comes with a replacement head in case your cat mauls one of them, and a sturdy storage case.

The Womanizer comes in exactly three thousand colour variations. Some are uglier than others. Mine is pink, with roses, which reminds me of grannies. No the sexiest, but hey, I’m too busy enjoying it to care.

I do really enjoy the Womanizer. Despite it’s name and the design aesthetic. It works really well for me and has become one of my go-to clit stimulators. It feels reminiscent of oral, which I’m always for, and it’s comfy. It’s rechargeable via USB, the battery is good, and it’s easy to clean. If you need something quiet, it’s not the best toy for you, but otherwise there’s no real downsides. If you enjoy gentle clit sucking, the Womanizer is probably your jam.

You can get your own Womanizer straight from them, or over at Lovehoney; both ship worldwide!

I was sent the Womanizer in exchange for my honest review


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  1. Hi. I love the Womanizer Pro too but need to comment on a couple of things you say as they aren’t the case for me and anyone buying expecting them could be disappointed.

    Firstly it is said the Womanizer feels like great oral sex… Not to me it doesn’t Oral has a moving tongue and lips, flicking, licking, sucking and rasping (in a nice way!) The womanizer produces a pulsing/throbbing that feels like its inside my clit and at high speeds this blends into a vibration from within. It feels fantastic and I climax easily off it but oral it isn’t.

    Secondly, I find that using the Womanizer successfully requires it to be held rock steady. A slight move and the seal breaks and the sensation stops or it moves off target by a millimetre or two and the feeling is lost. To ensure a happy ride I have to lie still and keep both hands on the toy with my wrists resting on my pubic area to stabilise it completely. Having any partner play or trying to use a second toy such as a dildo would be plain impossible for me.


    • Hi Miranda,

      Thanks for your input! Mine is the first generation Womanizer, and not the Pro. I do believe there are some differences between the two but I haven’t had the opportunity to try the second gen.
      I personally never said it feels like good oral sex, just that it’s reminiscent of the sucking that can happen during oral.

      I also did briefly mention that if it’s not in contact w the body 100% then it doesn’t do its thang correctly, and I believe I covered how it can be a little hard for me to get the placement right.

      As for using it with another toy, I do think it’s a bit dependant on vulval proportions. The further from your vaginal opening your clit is, the easier it’s going to be to hold the Womanizer steady on the clitoris. I find it’s easier for me because my clit can’t handle the Womanizer on my glans, I have to use it on my shaft and it’s easier to get placement right because there’s simply more space and slightly less precision necessary; though it can still be frustrating.

      We’re all different and experience things differently, and that’s why reviews are important!
      Thanks again for your comment.

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