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Frisky Bad Kitty Cat Tail Butt PlugThe Frisky Bad Kitty Cat Tail Butt Plug is a silicone anal plug with a bendable, not-overly-fluffy cats tail. A lot of tail butt plugs on the market are very fluffy, and as much as I’m a fan of fluffy tails on real cats, my personal preference for my own tail is that of a more streamlined appearance.

It comes in black, which works fine for me, but if you’re after something that matches your personality, you don’t have other options. The silicone is relatively silky to touch, and has a slight amount of give to it. Its 4 inches insertable with a maximum circumference of 4.6″.

The plug is what I would consider small, and I think most people, even beginners, would be able to manage it just fine. It’s not tiny girth wise, but the taper eases insertion; so even if you are a beginner butt adventurer, with some quality water-based lube, it should be totally doable.

I was a little worried that the weight of the tail would pull on the plug, and rip it from my ass when I was wearing it, but I don’t feel that at all. I do feel it inside me, and the weight does pull down, but my ass muscles are more than enough to hold it in place. The base, despite being circular, is comfortable. I can walk around in it, lay down, waggle my butt, dance, anything I want and it never really feels horrible like some other bases. It could be improved by having a rectangular base, I think all circular base plugs could benefit from that, but it is remarkably comfortable nonetheless. The maximum time I’ve worn it for is about an hour, and the silicone of the base is flexible enough that it doesn’t pry my ass cheeks apart too badly, so even after that time the discomfort from the base was minimum.

The Bad Kitty plug has some wire – or other shapeable thing – inside it that allows you to bend it however you like. I love this aspect of the toy because when is a cat’s tail ever flopped limply against its butt? I have four cats and the answer to that is never. So being able to point it up, and bend the tip just so, making it take on that happy cat shape brings me loads of joy. The tail is 24 inches long so there’s plenty of length to shape it however you desire.

It has two hoops on the outer ring of the plug that you can slip bullet vibes in to add to the sensation. It doesn’t come with vibrators, but you can find decent ones fairly cheap, and I personally had some lying around. The vibrators I had were from Tantus vibrators. The silicone does transfer vibrations decently, but it tickles the outside more than I feel it inside. If you want to use it with vibes, I’d recommend putting the vibrators in before inserting the plug. I think it’s also a good idea to shape the tail roughly how you want it before insertion. It makes things easier, as reaching around trying to shape it can be frustrating to get it exactly how you want. Also make sure the vibrators are sitting parallel to your cheeks, having them the other way makes them dig in a bit.

Frisky Bad Kitty Cat Tail Butt PlugFrisky Bad Kitty Cat Tail Butt PlugWhen I’m wearing it I always want to wiggle my butt like a dog. But because of the wire inside of the tail it doesn’t sway much with my movements. I do feel the plug shift inside me from the weight of the tail pulling it side to side when I wiggle, but the tails movements are stiffer than what you get from a non-shapeable tail.

I feel really connected to the tail when I’m wearing it, and get very playful, and if humans could evolve tails Orphan Black style, I would want one because it’s so fun, and being able to flick and shake it would be really cool. Teledildonics of the future: Mind controlled tail butt plugs.

Laying on the tail is surprisingly comfortable, which is great because it means that wearing it during sex or masturbation is a hell of a lot easier. I liked wearing it while using a good clitoral vibe, as I could grind down against the plug because the tail under my back held it up.

One unnecessary and annoying thing about the Frisky Bad Kitty Tail Plug is that is has a bell. A jingly bell sewn on the tail a few inches down from the plug. It annoyed me, so I ripped it off. The bell throws having the package be discreet right out the window, because you can clearly hear it through the box. If you have cats, maybe it won’t be as strange, but then someone might ask what cat toy you got, and you’re going to need to think fast because you did not get a cat toy. Also, what the hell is the purpose of a bell on a tail? I don’t get it. If I wanted to jingle, I would wear a collar with a bell, which makes far more sense.

Cleaning is a bit odd, but not hard. I wrap a cloth around the top of the tail, then wash the plug with soap and water, and try to avoid getting the fur wet. If I want to clean the fur, I wipe it with a damp cloth and leave it out to dry thoroughly. I think if you were super careful, you could successfully sterilize the plug with some bleach, but I’m too scared to in case it pulls colour out of the faux fur.

Overall, I really love this tail. It’s shapeable, comfy, it feels awesome, looks hella cute and I can even jack off while wearing it.


UberKinky logoI was sent this product in exchange for my honest review


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