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OXBALLS BOSS SLIDER PLUGOxballs specializes in toys targeted toward gay men. I however also have holes that like things inside of them, and so I reached out to Oxballs to see if they had any toys I could review. When the package arrived, I was somewhat surprised to see that I’d been sent two mediums and a large. Oxballs is a lot like fantasy toy companies, where the sizing mostly bounces between big and really fucking huge. My ass was totally terrified of the size of the toys I’d received, but rather than emailing them and telling them that the toys would never fit in my ass, I took it as a challenge.

And that’s the story of how I learnt to take 7″+ circumference toys in my ass. With a lot of prep, determination, pure stubbornness, and a whole fucktonne of lube.

The Boss is 4 inches in insertable length. Around the coronal ridge the largest it gets is 6.9 inches, and the maximum overall circumference is around the shaft where it maxes out at 7.3 inches.

Before I could even attempt to get the Boss Slider in my ass, I had to purchase some other smoothly tapered plugs, as I had no toys that would allow me to work up to it well. So while I was waiting for those to arrive, I tried it in my other, more acclimatized hole.

Vaginally, it’s quite enjoyable. It’s big and filling, and the base fits nicely on my labia. It doesn’t dig or pull at all. The silicone that Oxballs has used for this toy has a bit of give to it, and the design itself has smooth edges. I personally find the size of the toy slightly too large to wear around for too long, and I suspect the small-sized Boss would be far comfier, and totally capable of being a great vaginal plug. It does feel nice to stick in and stretch me as I clench around it. Clenching with something big in my vag gives me a unique feeling. My muscles are stretched, but forcing them to clench around something so big feels different and really damn good. Doing the same with big dildos will sometimes force them out, but because of the neck of the Boss, I don’t find that to be an issue.

Using the large Boss anally requires a lot of warm up. It’s big and intimidating and not something you want to mess around with, especially in an area that is so delicate. If you’re more experienced with large anal toying, you probably won’t need quite as much warm up as I do, but I recommend it anyway.

The head of the boss is fairly blunt. There’s no taper to ease you into it. Just lining it up with my hole successfully when everything is covered in lube can be an ordeal. If you’re not accustomed to blunt toys going in your ass, the Boss may be too much for you.

The first time I got the Boss in my butt, I had a condom over it. Partly to protect it from the hybrid lube I was using (it was an impulse decision and I didn’t test compatibility beforehand), partly because I wanted to use it vaginally without having to re-sterilize, and partly because it eliminated any drag that the silicone has. If you’ve ever had a Bad Dragon toy, the silicone of the Boss has the same sort of tacky feel that their medium firmness does.

The Boss has given me an experience that I’ve never had before when using toys. Almost every time it’s inserted, I need to poop. Insert, a few seconds later I need to take it out to go poop. I can get rid of this issue with a good, thorough anal douche beforehand, but I don’t like to do that when I’m toying alone. I just don’t care all that much if there’s a bit of poop because, it’s an ass, but needing to poop every time I get it in is annoying. This, however, doesn’t reflect on the toy, it’s just how it works with my body.

When I’ve managed to keep the Boss in without needing to remove it immediately, it’s good. I feel accomplished being able to get it in, and it gives a wonderful full feeling. The base, despite how large it is, is really comfortable. I can walk around with it and it doesn’t spread my cheeks too much. It does overlap my vag a bit, but considering how big the Boss is, I wouldn’t attempt to stick anything in my vagina while it’s inserted because I am 99% it would be physically impossible.

Also, I swear that on occasion I can feel it press against my G-spot. With how the Boss sits inside me, it feels like it’s pushing my ass/vag wall into my G-spot. That doesn’t sound very sexy, but it feels pretty awesome.

The same way clenching feels good vaginally, it feels good anally too. I love being filled and stretched, no matter the hole, and the Boss provides those sensations by the overflowing handful.

I really want to emphasize how much I like the base. When it comes to plugs, there’s few things I appreciate more than a well-designed base. The one on the Boss is 4.5 inches long, but the squishyness and flexibility of the silicone in addition to the rounded edges make it very comfy. The neck is flexible and therefore moves with your body, which helps too.  The base was designed to be used with an Oxballs belt, so you can wear the toy for an extended period without it slipping. This is why there’s a hole on each side of the base. I love these holes because they’re super handy for holding the plug when you’re inserting it. I can slip my fingers in them and get a good grip.

Cleaning the Boss Slider is mostly a breeze. There’s a deep dent where the urethra would be, which picks up gunk but it’s big enough to easily get in there to clean. You can use soap and warm water, or you could boil or bleach to sterilize.

The Oxballs Boss Slider in large is a big toy. A big, big toy. It’s not for the anally inexperienced and needs a lot of dedication to have it fit and be enjoyable. But if you can fit this monster, it’s a great toy. It’s well designed in all aspects, from the slight give in the silicone making it friendlier on your hole, to the easy-grip base. It even works well in a vagina.

If you want a monster Boss of your own, you can pick one up straight from Oxballs, or over at Uberkinky.

OxballsI was sent this product in exchange for my honest review

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