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bad dragon terra the amazon wyvern

Bad Dragon is a company that specializes in fantasy toys. The weens of creatures like dragons and gryphons. But they also have dinosaurs, dogs, horses, sharks, the whole shebang of wangs.

A lot of size royalty gravitate toward Bad Dragon, as they have not only a large range of toys, but also multiple sizes in almost every design. Terra comes in sizes Small to Extra Large. I requested a large for review, as I adore girth and pushing my limits. I was looking forward to conquering the 9.25″ circumference knot. A knot is a bulge at the bottom of a shaft – the idea is taken from that of canine penises that swell during intercourse. Knots can provide a nice pop, a stretched-to-the-limit sensation and are just a lot of fun all ’round if that’s your thing.

However, upon my first session with Terra, I realized I’d overestimated my vaginas ability. Not in girth, but in length. I often get caught up in how thick something is, and forget to fully think through the length factor. If I’d asked for a medium size, I’d be able to fit it, but then the girth wouldn’t have been a challenge.

I can’t insert the large Terra fully, because as soon as the top of the knot reaches my vaginal opening, I can feel the head poking my cervix. The length listed on Bad Dragons site is 8″ insertable, and on a good day I can take 7.5″, I thought that by the time the space under the knot was taken away, I’d be able to fit it. But I forgot to account for how much space my fat labia take up, that create the illusion something is inserted when it hasn’t passed my opening. So I was wrong, and the large is too long to knot. Cervixes (cervii?) are real party poopers sometimes.

The length and the knot do work well together though, even if I can’t take it all. The bulge of the knot is more obvious at the front, so when I’m thrusting or riding Terra, I can bend it slightly and use the knot to rub my clit. This has lead to some enjoyable, easy orgasms, and is handy because the bulge can make getting a vibe in place more difficult.

There’s small bulges on the front of shaft, as well as some plate-like ridges on the side that jut out quite a lot. These are extremely obvious in use. I got my Terra in medium firmness, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone go any firmer than that. I almost wish I’d got mine in soft because of them. Without warm up the ridges in addition to the girth (7.7″ around the top ridge) can be overwhelming and slightly painful. But with a good warm up they’re pretty awesome. They stimulate the sides of my vagina rather than the front or back like most other toys would. It’s intense and different, but if you’re into texture it’s something you’d likely enjoy. Once I’ve adjusted to the size and shape, I find the intensity fades away, and unless I pay complete attention, or clench, it’s nowhere near as noticeable as it is initially.

The most stimulating part of Terra is by-far the texture. The head doesn’t hit my G-spot at all, even with the size, but the texture makes up for it. It causes some drag and though I can’t feel the individual bumps, I can tell it does something.

I’ve tried turning it on its side so the ridges drag against my G-spot but I don’t find that to be pleasant. The shape of the shaft – it bulges at the back – just doesn’t feel good to me. In general the bulge doesn’t cooperate with me, especially when I’m thrusting. As I get closer to orgasm, I clench, and it causes me to push it out. Which sucks, because then I’ve clenched too hard to thrust it back in.

Riding Terra is my favourite way to use it. It’s heavy and thrusting tires my arm out rather quickly. The base is also quite big and not the best thing to hold. Along with the clenching issue, riding works far better. I have the force of all my body weight to counteract the clenching, I don’t have to hold the base, and as I lean forward the knot rubs my clit.

My Terra came with a suction cup. I’ve recently discovered they’re handier than I gave them credit to be. Bad Dragon suction cups are hardcore; They stick well and stay put. I’ve put Terra on my painted wall and it’s stayed suctioned there for hours. Though when I’ve tried to ride Terra like this, I’ve found that angling it is hard. Getting it to go into my vagina is impossible. It could be my anatomy and lack of flat spaces to stick it to, and I think it’d be great if I wanted to put it in my ass, but vaginally, I can’t manage it. The suction cup is still handy, and fun, because if I throw it at a wall hard enough it’ll stick.

One cool bonus of buying from fantasy companies is always colour customization, and Bad Dragon is no different. You can choose between splits, fades, marbles, solid colours, sometimes they have special colour choices for different occasions. Different colours will cost varying amounts in addition to the base price of the toy, along with whether you get a suction cup or a cum tube. I find I enjoy toys more if I like how they look, so I believe if you’re like that too, it’s totally worth it. My Terra is in one of the pre-picked colour combos for this design, Dark Natural. It’s a light yellow-based green with an off-white/pale beige base. I wasn’t sure I’d be very fond of the cream colour, but it actually matches the green perfectly and I don’t mind so much after all, so whoever came up with that combination: Good job.

If you’re not too fussy on colour, or other additional options, and can’t wait the few weeks it takes for a custom toy to be made, you can always do what I do and search the Adoptions. Adoptions are just pre-made toys ready for someone to come along and give them a forever home. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to pretty dicks, most of which I’ve found from looking through Bad Dragons adoptions. They also have Flops, which are toys that are discounted because of small things; off colours, bad fade, air bubbles or small nicks. The discounts on these can be massive, and if you want a Bad Dragon toy but are on a budget, it’s well worth looking at.

The Bad Dragon Terra is an awesome, good-looking dildo. Terra’s texture is intense and certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but is rather unique and enjoyable if you can take it. If you suspect Terra might be good for you, make sure to think long and hard about what you can handle. The options when it comes to customization are fun and mean you can change the different aspects to suit your own preferences.

It’s not my favourite, but that’s mostly due to me overestimating the size I could handle. I’d enjoy it more if I could take the whole length, but I do still like it and will reach for it when I want something that’ll give me a great ride.

bad dragon logoI received this product in exchange for my honest review


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