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FANTASYISLAND1I’ve put a fair few things in my butt, but up until I received this product I hadn’t used anal beads. I always chose plugs over beads because I thought they were more my jam, and to be honest they are, but anal beads definitely won’t be something I ignore from now on.

The Fantasy Island Black Currant Anal Beads are silicone anal beads with light screw-thread texture on them. They’re a fairly daunting 11 inches insertable length with a maximum circumference of 5.5″, so they’re not small, and I wouldn’t recommend them for anal beginners. I was worried about the length as I’m not accustomed to deep anal play. I can take toys that are 7″ with glee, but I’ve never had anything inserted that was longer than the length of my rectum. Basically, I was scared about how the beads going around the kink from rectum to colon would go.

The first try was… Different. Getting the beads inserted takes some practice because they’re long and flexible; you’re better off putting lots of lube on the first couple beads before insertion and letting the lube that gets left on your entrance slick the rest of the beads up, only applying more if you need it, on the beads you need it on. Lubing up the entire set just leads to lube getting everywhere and some otherwise simple anal play turning into a slippery, slightly frustrating mess. Speaking of lube, water-based is your best bet, but I’ve used the beads with my SPUNK Hybrid Pink which had no ill effects on the silicone of the toy.

Once I’d put lube on the length of the toy, then promptly wiped most of it off because I couldn’t get a hold on them, I found the first six beads went in without hassle. I enjoyed inserting them too, the texture provides some resistance to my anus, causing it to pull very gently, and my genitals are all about that. Then came the seventh bead. I could feel a light pressure deep inside me, it was neither painful or unpleasant, and the final bead which still felt fine, although odd for someone not used to it. I was quite impressed that I managed to take it all. I snapped a pic and then proceeded to remove the eighth bead because I know my asshole and there’s no way I was giving it the opportunity to absorb the tiny flexible loop base. My ass cannot be trusted.

FANTASYISLAND2The beads can be felt deep inside alone, and even more intensely if you have a vagina to fuck in conjunction with them. I really, really, adore how it feels alongside vaginal penetration. With plugs the rubbing of bulbs can only be felt a few inches in, but with the beads it continues all the way up. It also increased my awareness of the stimulation happening in my ass, which is cool. It’s a sensation overload; one I love.

The idea of pulling beads out as I orgasm isn’t one I care for, as I like to make sure my sphincter is relaxed when I’m dealing with such a sensitive area. So I’m yet to try it, I’m too busy orgasming to concentrate on relaxing my butt.

Removal can be a mess. I’ve said before that I hate douching just for solo anal play; I’ve since won a Hydrodouche from Gritty Woman‘s giveaway and it has made it far more pleasant to do, but the first time I used the Fantasy Island Anal Beads I didn’t prep and I paid the price. When it comes to butt play most mess fears are unfounded, the rectum doesn’t really hold poop until it’s ready to go – it’s in the colon until then. As long as you’ve pooped recently then you should be pretty chill – assuming you have a healthy digestive system. But with these beads, with the length and how they go into the beginning of the colon, the two smallest beads were caked in poo upon removal. It was unpleasant. If you don’t or can’t douche, and are squeamish about mess, go for shorter anal beads or don’t insert them all the way.

In further uses, both with and without prep (Mentally I promised myself to prep, but sometimes I just want something deep in my butt right now) I’ve encountered more digested food and it never gets better, but I’ll survive – after all, it’s my own fault. Honestly, the sensations the beads give me are worth a bit of extra clean up, I just make sure to wait until I’m in the bathroom before removal.

If I could change anything about the Fantasy Island Anal Beads it’d be the base. I don’t understand why so many anal toys have flexible loop ends. I’d be more comfortable with the idea if there was at least a sufficient neck for the ass muscle to hold onto before the loop, but there’s not. I’ve taken to using the beads without inserting the last one or two, mostly because I don’t trust the loop. They still work fine without all of them inserted, and it still goes deep enough for the extra butt-feels, but I wouldn’t trust the base if my life depended on it. I know technically the length should prevent anything getting sucked in but I have had too many incidents. Not to mention I generally find the short neck to be somewhat uncomfortable. It causes my ass to not be able to take the entire bead past the sphincter, it can’t lock it in. It tries to push out and although I don’t mind my anus being stretched, it feels forced, like my butt is fighting against itself to simultaneously hold it in but also push it out.

On a more nit-picky note, there’s a seam. It doesn’t irritate my anus as far as I can tell, but if you’re super sensitive it’s something to consider.

Despite these dislikes, I love the Fantasy Island Black Currant beads. They feel awesome no matter how I use them; alone, with something else inserted, inserted fully or with some beads left out. It feels amazing. All the beads can be felt, and the texture is enough to keep some grip and rub nicely, but not too much to be irritating. They’re wonderful for some double penetration play, but they also feel damn good just hanging out.

If you’ve used anal beads, or are looking to explore deeper inside your butt, these would be a great choice. The first beads are so small that it’s a great way to ease yourself into the sensations. Not for anal newbies, in my opinion, but pretty ideal for further exploration.

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This product was sent to me free-of-charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. I love how descriptive your are about your butt. XD
    Nice to see a new review. Hope to see many more soon.

  2. Can I just say how much I love you’re not afraid to use the phrases like “caked in poo” in your reviews? I just love your reviews on butt toys. You keep it so real.

  3. This toy also goes by the name Colt Power Drill Balls, fyi.

    • Some toys go under different names or brands depending on the place, Cal Ex could’ve just rebranded them, or even had another company use the design. None of it would surprise me, but thanks for letting me know!

      • This makes me curious about decision processes behind rebranding products and/or how designs get licensed to other companies. There could be an interesting story here.

        Or it could be utterly banal. I doubt we’ll ever learn which.

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