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Once upon a time, when I tori2began receiving toys for review, the Iroha Yuki was sent to me. Iroha is spin-off brand of toys for vulvas by the popular penis masturbator brand Tenga. Yuki surprised me and I had high hopes for the Iroha+ toys, designed to be the stronger, squishier sibling of the original line. And God bless them, they’ve made me quite a happy reviewer once again.

Tori is a gorgeous crimson shade, with two pointed tips, with one end significantly longer than the other. The shape reminds me of a small bird.

Off the bat the longer end is the only one I can derive any pleasure from as the motor doesn’t direct its power toward the other tip. I can forgive it for this because the shape of the longer end works well. The shape and vibrations lead to it being direct but not pinpoint. It covers enough of my clit that I’m not bad-squirming due to it being too intense on one spot, however it’s also direct enough that I’m not left wanting like with wands, where the head is simply too large to concentrate where I want it to.

Tori works best for me when it’s face down on my vulva, slipped between my labia majora and pressed down right on top of my clitoral shaft. Rarely can I handle vibrations directly on my clitoris and it’s no different with Tori. The shape works wonderfully for my anatomy and needs. If you wanted more pinpoint you could use the very tip, but that’s not my jam.

A major component of these toys is their unbelievable squish. Tori actually has a bit more than Yuki, which I adore. Like my original experience with Yuki the squish means that when I’m using it with the pressure I require to orgasm, I don’t end up with a sore and bruised clitoris like I do with solid toys i.e. We-Vibe Tango.

Tori boasts almost twice the power/speed variation of Yuki, which pleases me. It’s something that Yuki would sometimes lack when I revisited it after having explored more clit vibes. Sometimes it just didn’t have enough kick. Not so with Tori. My clitoris is quite mediocre, and I don’t need an overload of strength to get me to come. If you’re someone who does need that, Tori will disappoint. But for an average clitoris, with average needs, Tori is great.

Despite not needing immense power I do need some depth in vibrations. Tori stays distinctly on the buzzier end of vibration land, but stays far enough away from that horrible void that I don’t want to throw it out the window. There’s enough of an underlying rumble to make me happy and get me off reliably.

When Tori is flat I miss it. Since my We-Vibe Touch died (R.I.P Friend) I’ve been quite lost with what to use. There’s a couple other toys I regularly reach for; Lelo Siri 2, Je Joue Mimi Soft, the Eroscillator, but I often find myself lusting after Tori.

I’m fairly sure the charging system has a small bit to do with it, as the dock means it’s harder to knock the toy off its magnetic charging points, so, with a 15 week old kitten wreaking havoc in my bedroom, Tori is the most likely to make it to a full charge and be useable. For some the dock system will be a serious downside, even if it keeps the toy itself safer from curious hands or claws. When I take that out of the equation, Tori still calls my name. The squish and the shape and the frequency of the vibrations just work extremely well for me. I’m still not sure I understand why.

It’s nothing close to the rumble of a We-Vibe product that I’ve come to know and love. Maybe Tenga are psychic and know something I don’t about my clitoris. Maybe it’s the combination of everything about the shape and squish working to make up for the buzzy. Maybe the type of buzz makes more of a difference than I believed. Maybe I don’t know my clit as well as I thought I did. I don’t know for sure, nor do I care, because honestly, Tori is my shit and I’m not going to question the orgasms it provides.

Before I pledge allegiance and/or my soul to the Iroha+ Tori there are a couple of downsides worth mentioning.

When I apply pressure, so like, every time I use it, the inside layer of whatever-it-is displaces itself. It moves to the side of the motor it’s covering, leaving me to push it back into place. It’s understandable; having something so pliable it’s going to move, but it can put me off on occasion. Alongside that, the silicone skin that encases the whole toy has a tendency to pull out from under the control disk. Without a demonstration it’s hard to explain. It doesn’t come out enough that I can see it’s insides, but I can feel the edge and I have to manipulate it back into place. I worry that one day a small design flaw will end our love-affair. It’d be heartbreaking. It’s hardly an issue right now, but it scares me.

Controlling Tori is easy. Simply hold down the > to turn it on, press it to move up in speed and cycle through. Holding < does the opposite. Tori is fully waterproof. Due to the fears mentioned above I’m afraid to test it. It has however held up to cleanings. There’s very shallow ridges on the top of the toy that I have no issues washing. Because of the squish and skin, it’s easy to get in there.

The Iroha+ line has stuck with the dust-proof black magic coating that makes users everywhere rejoice, due to how it’s near impossible to get more than a couple of cat hairs to stick to it. It’s a blessing and I still want every company to incorporate this kind of hoo-doo into their products.

Overall I adore the Iroha+ Tori. It’s like a lovely little hummingbird for the clitoris. There’s something about the Iroha toys, at least the ones I’ve tried, that work awesomely for me. They’re not cheap by any means, and if you’re Australian like myself, the AUD$190 price tag is fucking ridiculous. I can’t wholly recommend it, as there are toys that will suit a wider range of preferences for far less. Knowing how well it works for me, I still don’t think I’d repurchase, or buy another toy from the line, due to price alone. However, if you have the money to throw around, or are looking to invest in a vibe that isn’t all about power, you want the extreme squish and  maybe haven’t had luck with rumbly toys or buzzy ones, maybe the Tori is worth thinking about.

Unless you’re shitting money, please please wait for a sale to purchase one. It’s a great toy, I love it, but I’m reluctant to say it’s worth what they’re asking.



I was sent Tori in exchange for my honest review.

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