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20161026_1007401It’s been quite some time since Lexi sent me my first sex toy. Up until that point, I hadn’t even considered using one. Since we were in a long distance relationship, you can imagine how it came in use. Now, some time later, I was curious to try more toys. Lexi reached out for me and the people from Primal Hardwere responded. They kindly sent me their HumpablesBunnyBuns for review.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this toy, partly because I don’t have much experience with toys, and partly because it’s a freaking silicone bunny butt?! It looks adorable, though, so I was pretty excited to try it out. Spoilers: this is a great freaking silicone bunny butt.

First Look

When the package arrived, I immediately noticed that it was fairly heavy. It was one of those packages where you pick it up and you just feel that you’ve got something good in there. For the first in a long time, I felt like a kid opening a Christmas present. Packaging was fairly straightforward: a simple discrete box. Nothing to let your neighbors or roommates know that you ordered a freaking silicone bunny butt. Inside was a sealed plastic bag with the BunnyBuns in it.

20161026_1009101According to Primal Hardwere’s site, the BunnyBuns are made of soft, premium quality silicone. That sounds right; the BunnyBuns certainly feel like they’re very good quality. They’re soft and flexible, yet feel like they can handle a lot. Another thing I noticed as soon as I took it out of the bag is that this thing has an amazingly-detailed fur texture. This not only looks and feels fun, but also makes it easier to handle the Buns.

In the box, there were no further instructions on how to use or clean the toy. However, I did find that their website is well constructed. You’ll easily find the information you need there. Considering the fact that this is a company in a niche market, I certainly can’t fault them for this.

Using the Buns

Using the BunnyBuns is not like you would use your usual sleeve. Since a Fleshlight was the only toy I’ve had experience with, it took a while for me to get used to that. You can use the Buns as a sleeve, but because of its weight and size, it’s not practical. Actually, if you do it wrong, you can end up hurting yourself! The BunnyBuns are perfect for setting on a table or other surface. Thanks to its weight and large surface area, it doesn’t slip or slide away when you’re using it. When you find the perfect height, it’s tons of fun to use!

When using the BunnyBuns, I used one type of lubricant: Sliquid’s water-based Sassy. Primal Hardwere’s site does not recommend any certain type of lube, nor does it discourage the use of any type of lube. Lexi wanted me to remind you, however, that it’s a good idea to do spot tests with your choice of lubricant before you use it. That way, it doesn’t react with the materials and ruin the toy during use.

The Buns Experience

bun-bunsThe BunnyBuns remind me of the Fleshlight in the sense that the material is amazingly soft. Even though the BunnyBuns are made of silicone, the texture feels amazing with little lube. It may be because the Sliquid Sassy is fairly thick, but I found that it doesn’t require much lube at all. I also didn’t need to reapply at all, so that’s definitely a good thing. The shape and size of the BunnyBuns make them feel just right. It feels tight, and has enough length for most people to be able to fully insert their penis. It feels fairly realistic.

I do wish there were more options with various intensities of texture. Most of the time, the sensation is good, but sometimes I wish it could be more intense. Now, as a sidenote, I personally do enjoy more intense than average sensations, so I think most people should be good. It is also possible to vary the intensity by grabbing the BunnyBuns in the right places while using it.

The BunnyBuns have ample length. Even people with a bigger-than-average size should be able to fully insert without coming out at the other end. However, if you’re above average, it may be useful to check the specifications on the site to see if you’ll be able to fully utilize them.

Cleaning the Buns

Because the Buns are made of high-quality silicone material, they’re very easy to clean. Usually, some hot water with soap should be plenty. If you want to fully clean them, you can do that in boiling water. Usually with soft materials like this, it’s recommended to powder them to keep them from getting ruined. Primal Hardwere also recommends this for the BunnyBuns. I’ve noticed, however, that the quality of the material does not degrade without powdering like a Fleshlight’s does.

After cleaning, I just let it dry for a bit, wipe it off with a damp cloth, and store it in the plastic bag it came with. Before use, I rinse it quickly and it’s ready to go again. This has worked for me, but I’m sure there’s better techniques. I’m just lazy, and I trust in the high quality material. After some months, it hasn’t let me down at all and still looks new.


Did I mention that this toy is handcrafted? Because it is. And that makes this toy even more amazing. It’s possible to customize the colour when ordering, too. I don’t think this thing can really get any better, to be honest. It’s fun to use, feels good, it’s easy to clean, and it even looks cute! What more do you want? Of course, starting at $110 (at the time of writing) this isn’t the cheapest toy available, but for that money you do get a fun, long-lasting toy that will definitely be worth it.


This product was received in exchange for an honest review

& big thanks to MissRuby for her proofreading skills

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