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It’s been while since I last wrote my BunnyBuns review. That was not the only toy I got to review, though. I think it’s about time I talked about the other toy I received. When Lexi reached out to see what toys I could test, Lovehoney kindly sent me the Lovehoney Reversible Double Stroker Ultimate Nodules. Man, that’s a mouthful. I’m lazy, and I’ve developed a habit of calling it the “Double Stroker” for convenience. Don’t let that long name scare you off though, because this is a fun little thing!


The Double Stroker arrived in discreet packaging. Once I opened the package, I found a cute little box. Inside was, naturally, the Double Stroker, and a little pamphlet explaining usage and maintenance. I don’t mind looking up a website but I much appreciate the pamphlet.

The Double Stroker came wrapped in blistery plastic, which gave me the impression that I’d received a horrible, cheap toy. Once I got rid of the plastic however, I realised that this was not the case.

The Double Stroker is made of a skin-safe rubber and it feels decent. The stroker’s quite soft and flexible, and the rubber is smooth. You can see that the toy was made in a double sided mold and then melted or pressed together, leaving a seam. For this price point that’s not an issue, especially since I didn’t feel it during use at all.

The Double Stroker is called so for a good reason. It offers two unique textures, both serving different moods. Turning the stroker inside out requires quite some force; I expected to rip the stroker in half, but the material is thick and sturdy enough to withstand this.

Let the Fun Begin

I lubed the Double Stroker up with Sliquid Sassy, which is a fairly thick water-based lube. The ridges offer a pretty smooth ride. I like them for when I want to take my time to enjoy the sensation and the experience. They massage the glans all around, somewhat resembling the ridges of a vagina, except more pronounced because of the sturdy rubber. The nodules are a lot more intense. They direct the sensation into one single point, and cause more friction there. This makes for a way more sensitive experience. In fact, they were sometimes too intense for me. Luckily, you can adjust the intensity quite well. Simply adjust the force of your grip or apply more lube. The nodules are more suitable for quickly getting the edge off.

It can take a few uses before the Double Stroker’s potential shines though. It took me a few times before it wasn’t dull, or too intense. Once you’ve found your sweet spot, though, oh man. Some of my most intense orgasms have been with the Stroker.

Sadly, there are some minor downsides to the Double Stroker. Most of them are personal preference and you may find yourself not running into these at all.

Like I said, sometimes the Stroker can be too intense. I personally prefer to use a lot of lube, but the rubbery material gets very slippery. Using the Stroker is a lot harder when it keeps slipping away, and just detracts from the fun. I guess this is what you get when a toy is invertible; there is no way they could have made the material less slippery on the outside.

Another side effect of using a lot of lube is that the breathing hole at the top of the Stroker will produce audible noises. You know when a bottle of mayo is almost empty and you wanna get the last of it out? Yeah, kind of like that, but less loud. It was enough to annoy me, but I also know I’m very sensitive to noises.

Some people may find that the Stroker is too tight, or too short for their liking, so make sure to check the measurements before taking the plunge and getting one yourself.

Final Words

Some toys are hard in maintenance. The Stroker, however, is the opposite of that. Some warm water already does most of the work. I guess that’s an upside to the slippery material! Since the toy is invertible, cleaning the inside is no harder than cleaning the outside. Use some soap to make sure it’s completely clean, and you’re good to go!

Since I have no place to store the Double Stroker where it won’t get dusty over time, I simply store it in the box it came with, after drying it. There’s no storage sachet or bag included, but you can always buy one or keep it in a ziplock.

All in all, the Stroker positively surprised me. For this price, it has a lot to offer. It’s great value and even if you’re not sure about buying it, it’s really inexpensive so it’s not a massive loss. You can’t really go wrong here!


This product was received in exchange for an honest review

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