tumblr_n218n59EbT1qly0j3o1_1280Hi! I’m Lexi. I’m a queer 20 year old Australian (maybe G’day would’ve been more appropriate) My hair is long and pink which leaves me constantly in a state of feeling like a mermaid. I live at home, I have 7 cats, 8 rats, a dog and when I’m not fucking myself and writing about it on the internet, chances are I’m painting.

I’m currently in recovery for my mental illnesses and this blog is something I started to help me continue to improve. I also just love sex toys.

When I was younger I loved writing, I’d write stories and then force my friends to listen to me read them. I adored reading sex blogs and toy review blogs and it piqued my interest, so I decided to try my hand at it. What’s the worst that could happen right? Turns out it was a great idea, and I enjoy it wholeheartedly.

I like to think I’m pretty sex and body positive, but this doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. I have times when I get down on myself, and that’s OK, nobody’s perfect and we’re all works in progress, but the morals are something that are always there. I do my best to spread these beliefs.

The ideal is that maybe one day someone will come along my blog and gain something from it. I strongly believe leading by example is the way to go; when you’re open and honest about “taboo” subjects, and other people see you talking about it, it teaches them it’s OK. I aim to continue that in this format, the same way I try to do in my day-to-day life.

All of my reviews and opinions will be 100% honest. I aim to review only body-safe products. Everybody deserves the right to pleasure without the fear of things like chemical burn.

I do my very best to be inclusive and provide correct information, if you see something that isn’t, please let me know so I can fix it accordingly.

You can contact me at devianttkitten (at) gmail (dot) com or tweet me on twitter.

Feel free to tweet me any questions or anything, I can be a bit awkward (the curse of anxiety) but I swear I do actually enjoy talking to people


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