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meAs much of a pain in the ass as it is, body type changes how certain things work for certain people. This is here to help you work out if my reviews will be a good reference for you. If not, DangerousLilly has created a sex toy reviewer directory, that includes all the main points and preferences of each blogger, maybe there’s someone there that will be a better guide.

I’m a fatty. I’m working on changing that but for now, I am a fatty. I’m 19, no kids, no health issues that effect my reproductive organs or genitalia but I do have a mirena IUD.

I have depression, anxiety and ADHD. I’m on medication for those which doesn’t effect any sex related stuff currently. It does make wanting to do things or switching my mind off enough to orgasm difficult on occasion. 

I have a long torso, short legs and big belly. My pubic mound is a mountain (a moundain?), my labia minora are practically nonexistent; my labia majora is like 98% of my genitalia. When it come to clit size, my clit itself is pretty small. My clitoral hood is kinda average? My clitoris is covered by it all the time when I’m not aroused. My clit’s pretty damn sensitive though. I don’t need a vibe, manual stimulation is more than enough. That said, I love penetration, penetration and clit stim is where its at for me, nothing beats it. When I use a vibrator on my clit, I need pressure. Rigid vibes tend to hurt my wrist because of how much pressure I need, softer clit vibes are where it’s at for me. I enjoy internal vibration as long as it’s not too buzzy or weak. 


I’m a squirter. I don’t know how I just am. The first time I squirted I think I was probably about 15, it’s just how my body is. I don’t need G-spot centered stimulation to squirt although it does help immensely. Sometimes I don’t need penetration at all or only a little bit and I’ll still end up with a visible wet spot under me.

I used to be scared of penetration and now I’m on my way to being a size queen.

I really enjoy anal play although I’m still fairly new to it. I’ve had semi-successful anal sex once so far. It can be hard for me to do anal play though because I’m lactose intolerant and I’m continuously rebelling against that. Sometimes my intestines throw random tantrums and get a bit sensitive to the intrusion, when my body is cooperative though, I love it. Double penetration (one thing per orifice) is glorious I love it even more.

My preferred length for dildos is 6.5 ish inches and my preferred girth is around 2 inches in diameter. I rarely have a problem with my cervix getting bumped and I’m still finding my limit girth wise, the most I’ve taken vaginally is 9″ in circumference. With butt play it’s more modest. The largest I’ve taken anally is the Oxballs BOSS, at 7.3 inches maximum circumference.

One time I was recording masturbation audio for my boyfriend and in that hour to two hour long session I orgasmed about 40 times. Multiple orgasms come easy to me and I make the most of it every chance I get.

My current favourite toys are: The We-Vibe Touch, Bad Dragon small Flint and the Tantus Cush 02.

If there’s anything else that would be relevant that I’ve forgotten, let me know!


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