May 032016

Bad Dragon Sleipnir Sleipnir is an eight-legged horse. He is the son of Loki and his stallion lover Svaðilfari. I know kneigh-thing else about it, and what I do know I just read off Google; all I care about is the human/beasts magical eight-legged lovechild Horse-Gods penis. Or an interpretation of it, anyway.

Bad Dragon, being the wonderfully perverted company they are, have produced a truly amazing and Godlike toy in the Sleipnir. It lives up to its namesake and provides an experience I’ve not had the joy of feeling before.

I asked for my Sleipnir in a size medium (read: very large) as well as in medium firmness. Sleipnir is a hefty 8 inches in circumference all the way down, with small variances. There’s some texture; beautiful ridges on the bottom half of the shaft, bumps down the underside, light bulges around the rest of the shaft and a glorious ridge at the top. Horse dicks are traditionally blunt-headed with little to no taper and Sleipnir doesn’t differ from this standard. There’s a mild dome and that’s all the taper you get. Sleip gets straight to business. Continue reading »

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Jul 292015

bad dragon terra the amazon wyvern

Bad Dragon is a company that specializes in fantasy toys. The weens of creatures like dragons and gryphons. But they also have dinosaurs, dogs, horses, sharks, the whole shebang of wangs.

A lot of size royalty gravitate toward Bad Dragon, as they have not only a large range of toys, but also multiple sizes in almost every design. Terra comes in sizes Small to Extra Large. I requested a large for review, as I adore girth and pushing my limits. I was looking forward to conquering the 9.25″ circumference knot. A knot is a bulge at the bottom of a shaft – the idea is taken from that of canine penises that swell during intercourse. Knots can provide a nice pop, a stretched-to-the-limit sensation and are just a lot of fun all ’round if that’s your thing.

However, upon my first session with Terra, I realized I’d overestimated my vaginas ability. Continue reading »

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