May 222015

Blush Novelties My Little HeavenThe Blush Novelties My Little Heaven is a small, very inexpensive silicone dildo. Its product description markets it as a G-spot stimulator. Prior to requesting it, I’d read a couple of reviews about it, and the reviewers, whom I trust, liked it. I didn’t quite believe something so small and unassuming would be all that awesome. All of this culminated to me desperately wanting to try it. Continue reading »

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May 162015

Blush Novelties MioThe Mio is a relatively inexpensive silicone dildo made by Blush Novelties. It’s short and above average in girth, perfect for those who crave something thick but can’t handle length.

My vagina is a ravenous cave. It can handle, and adores, both length and girth. However, the Mio is a wonderful little dildo that my vagina has welcomed with open arms.

Mio has an insertable length of around five inches, with a maximum girth of 5.9 inches around the coronal ridge. There’s a bend in the shaft designed to target the G-spot. Alongside the ridge, it’s bloody brilliant at that job. Continue reading »

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Dec 172014

The Real Nude Sumo
is a dual-density dildo by Blush Novelties. The Sumo is phallic in shape but is lacking in a lot of the other aspects that tend to come with realistic, dual-density dicks.

There’s a bulbous head, that measures about 6″ in circumference, with a foreskin ridge and a dent that is designed to look like the urethra right on the tip. There’s a bulge at the bottom of the shaft that represents the testicles so overall the appearance of the Sumo is quite abstract. There’s no veins or any skin-like texture to speak of. For a realistic fake cock, it does a pretty good job at not being very realistic; which is great if you’re not a fan of overly realistic toys. Sadly, the Real Nude line of toys only come in realistic colours, toffee and almond. As abstract as they are, I’d love to see some bright colours, or at least some more shade variants as the toffee and almond don’t cover all cock tones.

The complete length of the Real Nude Sumo is 9.5″ with an insertable length of 7″. The Sumo sits mostly straight, the head is the largest point, which tapers down and then slightly back up around the lower half of the shaft. Blushes dual-density is different to what I’ve felt before. Admittedly, I’ve only felt two other dual-density toys, my Tantus Cush 02 and VixSkin Maverick. Like Tantus and Vixen, the Sumos tip is entirely squish. It doesn’t feel like there’s a thick layer of squishy silicone on the rest of the toy, but there’s enough to give the toy the realistic feel. Bending the Sumo in half isn’t hard, but does show a little resistance because of the firm core.

The softer silicone is much squishier than Tantus’ and has a very tacky feel about it. It makes me think of more solid silly putty. The Sumo comes in very basic plastic packaging, and looks a little questionable at first. The soft, tacky silicone pushes against the plastic and looks like maybe it’s melting or isn’t actually silicone. It is though, don’t worry. One downside to the softer silicone is that it collects every particle of fluff and dust within a two mile radius. The packaging isn’t suitable for storage but it comes with a storage bag, so you might be able to keep it safe from fluff. Maybe. I’d recommend rinsing it before use. Continue reading »

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Dec 022014

I wanted to love the Euphoralove from Blush Novelties. I really did. It seduced me with it’s promises of flexibility and more power than its predecessor, the Euphorajoy. A flexible vibrator? More power?! Awesome! But no. No it’s not awesome.

There’s a few aspects that are awesome. The Euphoralove is rechargeable, completely waterproof and bendy. It’s made from a matte, silky soft silicone and doesn’t attract copious amounts of lint. I want to rub it on my face. It comes in a nice sturdy box with magnetic closure and a storage pouch. Included is a wall charger and the USB cord. This is ideal as I live in Australia and although I have a socket adapter, I prefer to use USB cords with one of the 3 billion USB charger plugs I have.

It’s not a gross dull pink, neon magenta is how I would describe it. The controls are simple to use, with a button fully dedicated to turning it on and off. Press the on/off symbol to turn it on, then the other zig-zag button to go through the settings. They even make satisfying clicky sounds.

Blush Novelties EuphoraLove

It’s not too small, the insertable length isn’t laughable like some vibes, sitting at about 14cm. The Euphoraloves bulbous tip isn’t intimidating, a slim but perfect 12cm. Overall the shape is very pleasing in a simple kind of way.

The Euphoralove had all the makings of being a great vibrator. It’s not intimidating, the size isn’t overwhelming, it’s easy to use, not too rigid but not too soft. It even comes with a 5 year warranty, alas, it just doesn’t deliver.  Continue reading »

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