Oct 012014

The Doc Johnson Decadence Thumper is not at all what it claims to be. It claims to work for G-spot stimulation as well as external clitoral stimulation but I don’t have a clue how they came up with that idea. It’s only 4.5″ long, an inch of which is the battery cap. There isn’t a drastic enough curve for G-spotting, and it’s so slim that if it reached your G-spot lengthwise I imagine it’d be a royal pain to position the wimpy little tip where it needed to be. I honestly cannot see it working for even the shallowest of G-spots.


I mean, it’s supposed to be waterproof so maybe they want you to just stick the whole thing up in there. Even then you’d have to do a lot of clenching and if you’re lucky you might maybe POSSIBLY get some level of stimulation.

If you could get over how weak and buzzy it is. Continue reading »

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Sep 062014

fsThe Doc Johnson The Legend dildo is nice to look at. It’s a firm silicone with barely any give and a nice shiny finish. It’s a metallic, sparkly, gunmetal grey and has a beautiful marbling to it. A bulbous head for g-spot stimulation and a large ribbed shaft. Under the head is narrow and it gets slowly wider to it’s maximum girth at the base.

It’s made from silicone. The overall length is 6.7″ with an insertable length of 6″ and a maximum diameter of 1.8″

This was the second dildo I ever purchased. There was a sale and the bulbous g-spotting head reeled me in. I’m a squirter by nature but I don’t actually know where exactly my g-spot is and I was hoping the head would help me locate the bastard. Continue reading »

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