Jun 162016

Once upon a time, when I tori2began receiving toys for review, the Iroha Yuki was sent to me. Iroha is spin-off brand of toys for vulvas by the popular penis masturbator brand Tenga. Yuki surprised me and I had high hopes for the Iroha+ toys, designed to be the stronger, squishier sibling of the original line. And God bless them, they’ve made me quite a happy reviewer once again.

Tori is a gorgeous crimson shade, with two pointed tips, with one end significantly longer than the other. The shape reminds me of a small bird.

Off the bat the longer end is the only one I can derive any pleasure from as the motor doesn’t direct its power toward the other tip. I can forgive it for this because the shape of the longer end works well. The shape and vibrations lead to it being direct but not pinpoint. It covers enough of my clit that I’m not bad-squirming due to it being too intense on one spot, however it’s also direct enough that I’m not left wanting like with wands, where the head is simply too large to concentrate where I want it to.

Tori works best for me when it’s face down on my vulva, slipped between my labia majora and pressed down right on top of my clitoral shaft. Rarely can I handle vibrations directly on my clitoris and it’s no different with Tori. The shape works wonderfully for my anatomy and needs. If you wanted more pinpoint you could use the very tip, but that’s not my jam. Continue reading »

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Dec 302014

Iroha Yuki small palm sized clit vibrator with googly eyesIroha is part of Tenga, a Japanese company well-known for their male masturbators. The Iroha brand is Tenga’s foray into vulva-having-peoples toys. They have a few different toys out at the moment, and were nice enough to send me the Yuki to review.

The Iroha Yuki is like a vibrating marshmallow. It’s not as squishy as a marshmallow, but its general demeanor is very marshmallowesque. It has a silky soft silicone skin that you can squish around, like moving the skin on a newborn puppy. And about as adorable too. Iroha sold their souls to produce a magical silicone that is practically grip-free and doesn’t collect lint. I rubbed it up and down all of my cats, it picked up lots of hairs but they were easily removed by simply running my hand over it. It’s crazy.

Under the silicone is, according to other reviews I’ve read, elastomer. There’s a slight smell that you get at the beginning because of the elastomer, but I don’t even recognize it now. Either I’m used to it, or it’s dissipated. The very core is solid plastic.  It’s the turducken of the vibrator world. Plastic, elastomer, silicone. Plelasicone, if you will.

I’m kind of smitten over Yuki’s silicone and layers. There’s a little squish, moving the skin is addictive and it’s super soft. I want a dildo made like this. It’s just a really nice make-up. I need pressure with my vibrations so the slight squish the Yuki has is perfect. It stays where I push it and doesn’t leave me with a sore clit. Yuki is comfortable to hold, it’s palm sized but thick enough that it doesn’t disappear between my labia. Continue reading »

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