Mar 142015

L'Amourose Rosa Rouge heated vibratorI’d heard about the Rosa Rouge, I desperately wanted to get my hands on it, so when L’Amourose gave me that opportunity I grabbed it without a second thought. I had been reeled in by the hype around it.

Rumbly vibrations? Check. Waterproof? Check. Rechargeable? Safe materials? Quality? Check, check and check. Heated? What, yeah ok, check.

But my first impression wasn’t that of immediate awe.

The packaging is nice. Non-functional once you’ve opened it, but damn its fancy. I like that. I like the luxurious feel that comes with nice packaging.

My Rosa Rouge came somewhat charged, enough to turn it on and feel it. So I did, and was kind of underwhelmed. I’d heard all these wonderful things about how rumbly Rosa was and… I didn’t get it. Yeah, it was rumbly, but I wasn’t wowed. I told my mind to shut up, pushed back the minor waves of disappointment that wanted to flow in, and decided to charge it, thinking maybe a full charge would change my initial first impression.

Then it wouldn’t charge. The plug wouldn’t go all the way into the charging stand (it still doesn’t) which confused and annoyed me. Why wouldn’t it go in all the way? It should, right? If it doesn’t it won’t stay in if it gets bumped???

Then, to throw salt in the wound, the plug wouldn’t fit in some of our power sockets. In my power board it wouldn’t go in. In the wall sockets, the shape of the adapter would prevent the switch being turned on, or push it half off if I turned it on before plugging. What the hell.

In the sockets it did fit, not matter how I sat it, it wouldn’t charge.

I was getting pretty sour and mildly concerned at this point. I’d just gotten it, I’d been waiting months for it to arrive at Passionfruit, I didn’t want it to be dodgy.

Eventually I found that it will charge on the power board that’s in our lounge room. Currently, the only places I can plug it in to charge is one of two specifics power boards. This is partially because of the plug. It’s a universal one that can be switched depending on the location. The plug itself is square and doesn’t sit high enough, so it doesn’t fit a lot of our power sockets. I get that it’s easier to just have it switchable so it works in different countries, but it doesn’t work well with Australian power sockets. I even asked my fellow Aussie reviewer who got her Rosa Rouge the same day, because I was starting to freak out, she confirmed that it doesn’t work well. So it’s not just me.

Once I finally got to actually use it, I kinda started to get the hype. Kind of. Almost. Maybe. Continue reading »

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