Apr 072015

Master Series Anais Nipple to Clit ClampsThis month for the Uberkinky review program I received the Master Series Anais Nipple to Clit Tweezer Clamp Set. The idea of clamps and nipple torture appeal to me greatly because I don’t have very sensitive nipples. The only time my nipples have been sensitive enough for me to enjoy them was when they were pierced. Sadly my piercings didn’t want to cooperate and so I had to take them out, and I was back where I started; boring nipples.

So I’ve tried some nipple toys. I’ve tried plain ol’ wooden clothespins. I’ve tried suckers (which I liked). I’ve tried a different type of nipple clamp. I even got some nipple sticks because I heard they can be brutal. None of them really left me with the pain I wanted. None of them gave me that overwhelming pain that people talk about when the clamp is removed.

Thankfully I’m a reviewer because otherwise I might have given up. The Master Series Anais Nipple to Clit Clamps finally gave me that pain.  Continue reading »

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