Oct 292014

As of right now, the njoy Pure Plug is the best plug I’ve ever stuck up my butt.

My pure plug is a large. When it arrived in the mail, upon opening, my immediate reaction was that it’s not really that “large”. I’ve bigger plugs in softer materials but considering it’s steel, any larger would probably be a little daunting for me.


The large pure plug is a hefty 310 grams. The largest diameter of the bulb is 1.5″ and the insertable length is 2.75″. When I first got it, I had to warm up with fingers first before inserting, now I can insert it with some lube and a cooperative butt, without any warm up. I don’t need to use buckets of lube, only just enough, because it spreads so easily and the toy is so grip-free anyway. The material and sleekness make it slip in with relative ease.  Because of the shape, after a certain point, your butt suctions it in. There’s a nice gentle stretch and then it pops in. I generally dislike when things pop into my vagina, but my butt is different.

The pure plug just feels good. You’d think the weight of it would feel odd, but if you’re wearing it around, it’s a nice reminder that it’s there. It’s not the sort of plug you can’t really stick in and forget. The plug sits really well in the body and the base is absolute perfection. It slides right between my buttcheeks and stays there. It doesn’t dig in or cause any discomfort at all. I can walk around, sit, do the hokey-pokey, and it’s fine. The design makes the pure plug great for long term wear. The neck tapers out to a nice small diameter where it meets the base, which means that it stays in. The bulb sits in the right spot so I don’t feel like it’s constantly trying to escape like other plugs do. Continue reading »

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