Mar 212015

The OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure is a three-pronged vibrator, designed to provide anal, clitoral, and vaginal stimulation all at the same time. A rabbit vibe on steroids. Ever wanted your butthole included in the vibe action? The Adventure lets you live that dream.

OhMiBod Lovelife Adventure

The packaging the Adventure comes in is painfully cute and I’m a fan. It’s sturdy and I’ve commandeered the box for other purposes, because the pattern is cute. If you’re not a fan of pink, chances are you’re not going to like it because it’s smothered in it. All of it. Outer package, inner box, the vibrator itself. Super pink. I have pink hair so this doesn’t bother me, it’s a bright happy paradise. OhMiBod have also been kind enough to label the USB cord, which I appreciate immensely.


For an artist, my diagram skills are lacking.

The Adventure, like any dual stimulator vibe, is dependent on your anatomy. The Adventure’s body is completely rigid. There’s no flexibility whatsoever, you can’t manipulate it to fit better. As soon as I pulled it out of its disgustingly cute packaging, I knew it wasn’t going to fit me. When inserted the anal arm works, but it’s too short to reach my clit, and vibrates between my urethra and clitoral glans.  Continue reading »

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