Jun 272015

OXBALLS BOSS SLIDER PLUGOxballs specializes in toys targeted toward gay men. I however also have holes that like things inside of them, and so I reached out to Oxballs to see if they had any toys I could review. When the package arrived, I was somewhat surprised to see that I’d been sent two mediums and a large. Oxballs is a lot like fantasy toy companies, where the sizing mostly bounces between big and really fucking huge. My ass was totally terrified of the size of the toys I’d received, but rather than emailing them and telling them that the toys would never fit in my ass, I took it as a challenge.

And that’s the story of how I learnt to take 7″+ circumference toys in my ass. With a lot of prep, determination, pure stubbornness, and a whole fucktonne of lube.

The Boss is 4 inches in insertable length. Around the coronal ridge the largest it gets is 6.9 inches, and the maximum overall circumference is around the shaft where it maxes out at 7.3 inches.

Before I could even attempt to get the Boss Slider in my ass, I had to purchase some other smoothly tapered plugs, as I had no toys that would allow me to work up to it well. So while I was waiting for those to arrive, I tried it in my other, more acclimatized hole. Continue reading »

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May 062015

oxballs grippersI have to admit, I doubted the Oxballs Grippers. I have another pair of nipple suckers, some plastic ones that you screw to cause suction. I couldn’t imagine the Grippers would be anywhere near as effective as those.

I didn’t think the size would be big enough to create a good suction. Tiny little TPR cylinders? I don’t think so.

Well, I was wrong.

The Oxballs Gripper nipple suckers are very efficient little things. For a start, they’re not all that little. They’re about 2.1 inches long including the little loop handle. The cylinder itself is only 1.6 inches long and 1.15 inches wide. While the opening of the tube is 0.8 inches. They fit well over my nipples, which are, I think, fairly average sized.

To get the Grippers in place you need to squeeze all the air out, which is easy with how flexible the TPR is, place them where you want them and let go. Continue reading »

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