Aug 122016


I have only tried one PicoBong toy before, and absolutely despised it. That toy was the Transformer, that now sits in its box hidden away from view. It is only currently in my possession because it’s good for fishing menstrual cups and sponges out of my vagina when they get stuck. I stayed reserved in my expectations for the Kiki 2. I’d been let down by the Transformer and didn’t want to get too excited for something better.

Picobong Kiki 2At first, I was blown away by the Kiki 2. On my initial test I had an awesome orgasm, from Kiki alone. I was incredibly surprised because what the hell? This tiny AAA powered thing? It’s not even rumbly! Sadly, I have not been able to replicate this. Apparently my body was in a mood and for whatever reason got along with the buzzy vibrations, but ever since it’s been totally useless. Continue reading »

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Dec 092014
Photo of the Picobong transformer gender neutral sex toy vibrator

The PicoBong Transflower

When I first received the email about the PicoBong Tranformers impending release I was immediately reminded of a bendy pencil.

Like a bendy pencil, the Transformer is for everyone. There’s no ‘this is for MEN‘ or ‘women LOVE the transformer because it’s SO FEMININE like a cupcake with PINK icing and GLITTER BALLS‘. Honestly I’m still a bit confused as to what Lelo (PicoBongs mother company) is trying to accomplish. First they release the Transformer, designed and marketed as a gender-neutral toy, but then Lelo releases the Pino cock ring that’s “specifically for super manly men bankers who drink so much they can’t keep it up without an overpriced cock-ring” (that’s my interpretation at least).

The Transformer unlike the rest of the PicoBong family is rechargeable, and then Lelo releases a battery-operated toy? Ahhh Lelo I don’t understand you at all.

Alas, I am not here to ponder the wonders that are the Lelo marketing choices. I am here to review a bendy pencil. I mean, sex toy.

The PicoBong Transformer is, in reality, more like a bike-lock. It’s a long thick cord with two vibrators on either end. It’s made from body-safe silicone, is completely waterproof, and USB rechargeable. Water-based lube is recommended and it can be cleaned or sterilized the same as any other silicone vibrator. It comes in three colours; black, pink and yellow. The packaging for the Transformer is simple and suitable for storage if you don’t care too much about discretion as there is a see-through window on the front.

The Transformers main selling point is its flexibility, claiming to be millions of sex toys in one. The cord is thicker than I imagined, very similar to the size of a bike-lock but stiffer. You’re supposed to be able to shape the Transformer however you like and go to town. There’s a few issues I find come along with this in use. Continue reading »

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