Apr 232015

TANTUS UNCUT #2By now, you all should know that I love Tantus. They’re my go-to brand when I think of fake dicks. They’re safe, quality toys, with something for everyone.

Not too long ago Tantus revealed they were bringing out some new dildos. These dildos would be dual-density and they would have a foreskin. Foreskins don’t get much representation in the sex toy world. There’s plenty of toys with foreskin design, but about 99.9% of them are retracted, whereas not all human foreskins can even be pulled back. So Tantus has gone and made some intact fake dicks, to represent those whose foreskins won’t move, and for people who adore foreskins. Like me.

My only male sexual partner was my ex, and he was uncut. He has a gorgeous cock and his foreskin brought me much joy and amusement. I’ve always thought uncut cocks looked better, my morals also don’t agree with the act of circumcision, and my experiences with my ex’s cock lead to me developing somewhat of a foreskin fetish. I just love them immensely. So the idea of a dildo with foreskin is pretty much a dream come true for me.

The day there is a silicone dildo with a retractable foreskin, I might die from pure unadulterated joy. Continue reading »

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Feb 282015

tantus raptor orange silicone dildoThe Tantus Raptor doesn’t look like anything special and it has weird perky balls. That was my first impression upon seeing it.

I’d be lying if I said the main reason I purchased this toy wasn’t because it comes in orange; because that’s exactly why I put it in my cart. Why can’t all toys come with the option of bright orange? I also bought it because I wanted to try bigger toys, but the colour made it impossible to resist. The sale that was on at the time may have had a little bit to do with it too. Basically, I didn’t really care much for the actual design.

I don’t regret buying it at all, I love it.

The Raptor is an awesome toy. It’s made of Tantus’ super high quality silicone, which I can bend in half without much effort, but there isn’t much squish to it. The shaft has a satiny matte finish and the head is shiny. It’s pretty grippy, even if not for the girth, you’d still need lube. A good water-based one would be best. It comes in simple packaging, which isn’t suitable for storage.

Most of the shaft sits at about 12.4cm in circumference. The largest point is on the head, which is about 15 centimeters. The Raptor’s insertable length is only about 11cm, then you reach the crazy balls.

It seems like a waste, sticking balls where they are. You could have so much more shaft if not for them. I find that with the girth and big head, I don’t care about length too much though. Which is weird, because generally I like longer dildos. The stiff silicone means that the Raptor pummels the crap out of my G-spot, in the most amazing and pleasurable way possible. It’s so big that not only does it fill me and make me feel stretched, my G-spot can’t hide. I squirt like a burst water main with the Raptor. Continue reading »

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Feb 122015




tantus twist plug

Ok, now that’s out of my system, to the review!

I like to stick things in my ass. More specifically, I like to stick butt plugs in my ass and then stick other things in my vagina. The combination of having my ass filled while something stimulates my G-spot, is quite frankly, amazing. All of my nerves are stimulated and it brings me to a really satisfying, explosive orgasm.

When JOUJOU asked me if I wanted to review some Tantus toys, I said yes, because Tantus is amazing. They make wonderful toys from platinum cure silicone. All their toys are body-safe and completely sterilisable by bleaching or boiling. JOUJOU sent me both the Tantus Adam 02 dildo and the Twist in exchange for my review.

I chose the Twist because my butt loves texture. Whether vaginally or anally my body prefers at least some sort of texture, otherwise I’m left bored and completely underwhelmed. Even a light wave in the shaft is better than nothing. The Tantus Twist is the most highly textured anal plug I’ve come across.

As Beyoncé says, if you like it then you should put a ring on it, and that’s exactly what I intended to do. Continue reading »

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Jan 172015

I’m a Tantus fangirl. I love them, I love their toys; they make me happy. My opinions of stores increase substantially if I can enter ‘Tantus‘ in the search bar and yield results. The more that turn up, the happier I am. A lot of Australian stores don’t carry Tantus, or only a very limited range, or they up the price and make me want to bash my head against a wall. So when I asked the guys at JOUJOU if I could review something from them, and they told me that they were getting Tantus in and if I wanted I could review a Tantus toy, I screeched and made grabby-hands at my screen. I have a fair few Tantus toys in my arsenal already, I wasn’t sure if JOUJOU would be getting any in that I didn’t already have and was also interested in. I needn’t worry though, they have plenty, the largest range I’ve seen an Aussie store have. I couldn’t choose between the Adam 02 and the Twist plug, so they sent me both because they’re lovely angels.


I realized lately, as well as buying bigger toys, I’ve been choosing bigger toys to review. Not everyone enjoys or can handle large toys, so I picked the Tantus Adam 02 for its overall average sizing. The largest circumference on Adam is around the corona at 5.5″, the shaft is about 5.4″ and narrows slightly at the bottom getting to just above 5″ while Adam’s insertable length is 6.5″ measured without it straightened. So it may be considered a little above average when compared to a flesh and blood penis, but the size fits really well if you’re looking for an average, realistic dildo.

Adam is part of Tantus’ 02 line of toys, which means it’s dual-density. Being Tantus, it’s made from 100% body-safe platinum cure silicone, but instead of being the same silicone all the way through, Adam has a solid core with a squishier outer layer. The goal of 02 and other dual-density toys is to make them feel more realistic. Adam does have a nice layer of squish, with the head made up completely of softer silicone. Most of the squish is concentrated on Adam’s head and underside. The front has a thin layer but is much more solid than the back. Adam feels a bit more realistic than your average silicone dick, but not overly so. The solid core doesn’t take away much of the flexibility, as it’s still fairly easy to bend it and touch the head to the base. Bending backwards makes it more difficult to touch the ends, but it’s not impossible.  Continue reading »

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Nov 052014

tantus echo handle dildoHave you ever dreamed of owning a dildo sword? Well good news, you can.

Tantus has three options when it comes to handled toys. The Goddess Handle, Echo Handle and the Anaconda. I have an Echo Handle, which is available as a grab bag toy, so you can get it cheaper if you’re not fussy about colour.

This toy is highly textured. It’s a harder silicone with not much give, therefore the ripples don’t have any give. If you’re not a fan of texture, the Echo Handle and it’s smaller relative, the Echo, aren’t for you.

The insertable length is 7″ with a diameter of 1.5″, so it’s reasonably sized, albeit smaller than what I prefer.

The Echo Handle was my first textured toy, and it took some getting used to. The texture itself isn’t bad, but the dildo is slimmer than what I normally use so I don’t necessary feel it much when I’m not clenching around it. If I thrust fast I can feel the ripples clearly on the front wall of my vagina, but it can almost be overwhelming. I’m thankful the back of it lacks the same texture, otherwise it would be overwhelming. When I first insert it, it’s kind of average, the texture doesn’t do much and I don’t really care. The Echo Handle works best once my G-spot has swelled and I can feel the bumps rubbing and grabbing at it. It’s a unique feeling and a good one.

It doesn’t fill me or stretch me, the Echo just isn’t thick enough to do that. Which is unfortunate, as I love that feeling in a dildo. When my body is primed for it, the texture does feel good, which makes it nice in other ways. After all, it’s not designed to fill me up, it’s designed to stimulate me with its intense ridges.

It’s great for thrusting, that’s for sure. I have to be careful though. I tend to thrust without paying attention. My vagina is by no means shallow so with most toys I can take them to the base without issue, so I don’t need to pay attention to my thrusts, and I definitely cannot do that with this. Because of the added length with the handle, it very easily gets shoved too far and bumps my cervix. It happens every time, even when I think it won’t. I guess I thrust too haphazardly. Continue reading »

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Oct 222014

You know when you’re a kid and you like something so much you decide you want to marry it? That’s how I feel about the Cush.

When I first discovered Tantus, I went to their site and looked through everything. Out of all the toys, the Cush 02 is the one that stood out. I have no idea why, it’s not the fanciest looking toy, it’s sure as hell not the most affordable, but I knew I needed it. After months of longing, Tantus had their 25% off all dildos sale and I couldn’t help myself, I had to get it. Along with several other toys because I have no self control.

The Cush 02 is from Tantus’ dual density “02” line of toys. It has a hard, coloured, inner core with a gloriously squishy outer layer, all made form Tantus’ completely body-safe ultra-premium silicone. Cush is a bigger toy, the circumference varying from 5.4” to 5.8”, with an insertable length of 7”. Cush comes in three colours; blue, pink and dark purple. It’s also anal safe and harness compatible.

I can’t always use the Cush from a cold start, I have to play around a bit first. I usually warm up with my Cush before moving onto the Cush to insure I don’t hurt myself. The silicone is matte and grabby so lube is a necessity.



The tip of the Cush is tapered and seems to be completely super-squish silicone (this is what I’m going to call the softer outer layer) which helps ease insertion. It’s not a big head that you force in causing a pop and you start to regret not warming up but it’s already too late. It slides in nicely, gives a good stretched feeling without being too much and that soft outer layer just feels really, really, nice.

The dual density isn’t the best part of the Cush. The best part, the thing that makes the Cush shine and makes me want to use it every time I masturbate, is the ridge. Continue reading »

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