Dec 092014
Photo of the Picobong transformer gender neutral sex toy vibrator

The PicoBong Transflower

When I first received the email about the PicoBong Tranformers impending release I was immediately reminded of a bendy pencil.

Like a bendy pencil, the Transformer is for everyone. There’s no ‘this is for MEN‘ or ‘women LOVE the transformer because it’s SO FEMININE like a cupcake with PINK icing and GLITTER BALLS‘. Honestly I’m still a bit confused as to what Lelo (PicoBongs mother company) is trying to accomplish. First they release the Transformer, designed and marketed as a gender-neutral toy, but then Lelo releases the Pino cock ring that’s “specifically for super manly men bankers who drink so much they can’t keep it up without an overpriced cock-ring” (that’s my interpretation at least).

The Transformer unlike the rest of the PicoBong family is rechargeable, and then Lelo releases a battery-operated toy? Ahhh Lelo I don’t understand you at all.

Alas, I am not here to ponder the wonders that are the Lelo marketing choices. I am here to review a bendy pencil. I mean, sex toy.

The PicoBong Transformer is, in reality, more like a bike-lock. It’s a long thick cord with two vibrators on either end. It’s made from┬ábody-safe silicone, is completely waterproof, and USB rechargeable. Water-based lube is recommended and it can be cleaned or sterilized the same as any other silicone vibrator. It comes in three colours; black, pink and yellow. The packaging for the Transformer is simple and suitable for storage if you don’t care too much about discretion as there is a see-through window on the front.

The Transformers main selling point is its flexibility, claiming to be millions of sex toys in one. The cord is thicker than I imagined, very similar to the size of a bike-lock but stiffer. You’re supposed to be able to shape the Transformer however you like and go to town. There’s a few issues I find come along with this in use. Continue reading »

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