Oct 272014

I uploaded my first Jar Of Horrors post on the 19th of October. It’s now, technically, the 27th. The jar is already starting to do some funky shit so here’s a quick update of the goings on.

These pictures were taken on the 25th of October. So only 6 days after the jar was first put together.



Yep. That looks totally healthy and safe to be stuck in various orifices. Totally. Yep. No problem here.

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Oct 192014

According to the stores, it’s almost Christmas. Maybe it really almost is and I’m still yet to post last years gifts that I purchased in March. Woops.

Obviously Christmas planning is not my strong point. We don’t bother to put up a tree because my cats will break it. The lights from last year, maybe the year before, have been hanging since then. But this year is different.

I made decorations.

IMG_2728No tree?  No problems. Grab a buttplug and put a necklace and an angel on it. I didn’t have a mini angel so I improvised and used a Doctor Who lego figurine. Nothing screams Christmas spirit quite like the fear of shadows in case there’s Vashta Nerada lurking, waiting to pounce and eat your flesh.

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Oct 122014


I’ve wanted to make my own jar of horrors since I first heard of it. I’ve had old unsafe toys in my drawer for months and I’ve finally got my ass in gear and started my own jar. My jar has three dildos and three butt plugs. I know two dildos are made of rubber but I have no clue what crappy material the rest are.

This is what it looks like right after I put them in. I’ve got more pictures on my laptop to show comparisons later on.


This idea is by no means mine. I believe it started with Smitten Kitten. Bex Talks Sex has started their own jar and you should check that out too. Their post explains about the purpose and such. And is also totally what finally kicked my butt into making my own.

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