Feb 032015

Sometimes you just want to cover yourself in come. Or not. Maybe. Ok so this is totally an urge I get which is the entire reason I bought myself a bottle of SPUNK Hybrid lubricant in the first place. Also there’s a pink option. Yes, pink lube. Horrifying for some, dream come true for pink haired mermaids like myself.


SPUNK Hybrid is a hybrid lubricant, big surprise right? What this means is that it’s a water-based lubricant with a small amount of silicone in there too. It helps aid with longevity and makes it better for anal play without having to use pure silicone lube.

SPUNK Hybrid is designed to look and act like come. And damn, colour me impressed.

The colour is, in my opinion, fucking spot-on. I’ve only ever had experience with one males ejaculate, so that’s what I’m basing most of this off. I have seen ample porn though, and all ejaculate varies, but I think SPUNK Hybrid has found a great average. It has the nice milky shade with the right level or translucency. The consistency is pretty good, it’s runny without being so runny as to fall off anything you squirt it on, which leads it to the perfect come like appearance. It sticks without being sticky, a come-like quality I appreciate them not aiming for.

When between fingers, you can tap it together and pull your fingers apart and get that nice string-like effect without it being too stringy, like Bad Dragons cumlube.

Sometimes I see pictures of people with SPUNK lube on them and I don’t realize that it’s not ejaculate.

So it hits the mark on the messy come fun side, but how is the lube in use? Continue reading »

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