Jan 222015

As I mentioned in my Toy-Genital Interaction Goals 2015 post, I want to try more glass toys. Thanks to the lovely people over at Lovehoney, my goals are well on their way to being successfully smashed. My first foray into glass toys this year was actually a result of a giveaway from Toy Meets Girl, but maybe a day after that arrived, my Lovehoney Sensual Double Ended Glass Dildo came.

I’ve tried a glass dildo before, the Doc Johnson Sasha Grey Swell wand, which I use more anally because I can use it from a cold start. The smooth glass works its way in easy and is awesome. I’ve never been a fan of it vaginally though. It’s completely straight which¬†makes hitting where I want it to difficult.

One thing the Lovehoney Double Ended Dildo isn’t lacking is curve. It has a nice bend to it that makes angling a breeze and not at all a nuisance. It has a completely smooth shaft, with smooth egg-shaped bulbs on either end. The bulbs are about the same size, one of mine is slightly larger but I believe that’s the nature of glass. I don’t notice a difference between ends. There’s a small Lovehoney heart logo on the center of the shaft, which I can feel with my finger but not with my vag. Lovehoney Sensual Glass Double Ended Dildo The Lovehoney Double Ended Dildo comes in very simple Lovehoney packaging. I appreciate the shit out of Lovehoney packaging. There’s no stupid gimmicks, nudity or blatant sexism, just a box with a picture and basic info. Inside the box is the dildo in the included velvet storage bag, then wrapped in plenty of foam. The included storage bag is a nice touch, but it is slightly too small for the toy, as the tip pokes out. I’m not overly bothered, but if you’re going to include a bag the least you can do is have the correct size.

You can use any lubricant with the Lovehoney Sensual Double Ended Dildo which is a great bonus that comes from using glass. It requires very little lube as compared to silicone toys. I like to use my water-based Sliquid or SPUNK Hybrid lubricant. With just a small blob of it and being a little turned on, the dildo slides in easily.

This toy¬†feels really nice. Glass and other solid toys pick up the room temperature easily, and feeling the cool glass slide between my labia is something I love. Once in, it immediately rubs against my G-spot and my G-spot quickly swells even more as a result. Continue reading »

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