Mar 112015

IMG_3941I’m still a newbie when it comes to BDSM and kink stuff. Which I like to think gives me an edge. When you become more experienced with a type of product, it’s easy to lose sight of what someone who is still new would experience. As I’m still new, I can give my review based on the fact I’m still a n00b too.

My gag collection is very abundant, there is a whole three of them. Two ball gags and a bit gag. I’ve come to think that ball gags aren’t necessarily a beginner friendly gag, and the Strict Leather Silicone Ball Gag cemented that for me.

My experience is limited, but I find my bit gag much comfier. My other ball gag made me bleed the first time I used it because the leather straps scratched the sides of my mouth. This silicone ball gag is not as brutal on my face, I find the straps far comfier as they’re a thinner, softer leather, but they still pinch. If I sit the ball between my top and bottom teeth, it’s fine, but as soon as it’s in place behind my teeth, it digs and pinches. It’s almost painful trying to open my mouth from that. I feel the skin pull where it’s been pinched. If I don’t buckle it as tight around my head, it’s not so bad, but then it’s easy to pop the ball out of my mouth.

The Strict Leather Silicone Ball Gag hasn’t caused bleeding, but it has left some raw spots on the sides of my mouth. And aside from the pinching, I like it.

I wear my gags when I’m jacking off. It kinks it up a little bit, it helps play into whatever fantasy situation I’m thinking of. Few of these situations include huge amounts of drool. I’m by no means against saliva in sexual situations, I wouldn’t be reviewing gags if I were, but this gag is definitely hard to swallow around. I tend to just open my mouth further and let it out. Which is fine, it can be hot, but I’d prefer to swallow some of it. It’s hard to with this gag, unless you can push the ball out completely, then swallow, but what’s the point of a gag if you can bypass it that easily.  Continue reading »

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Mar 072015

IMG_3951Prior to receiving the Bondage Boutique Silicone Bit Gag for review, I’d only ever used one gag. I won it in a giveaway, it was a simple plastic ball gag. I was pumped, so I used it, and by the end of the session the corners of my mouth were bleeding. I did find it fairly hot, but that doesn’t change the fact that gags shouldn’t pinch and cut my mouth.

So I was looking through Lovehoney’s site and saw this gag, sent the folk over at Lovehoney an email, and they kindly sent me one for review.

The Bondage Boutique Leather and Silicone Bit Gag provided me with an entirely different, significantly more pleasant, experience.

The bit design means the edges of the bit, where the rings connect, sit far outside my mouth. This is what caused issues for me with the ball gag; the leather would pinch my mouth where it went through the ball. Having the bar means it doesn’t. There’s absolutely no uncomfortable pinching or scratching. No sliced up mouths are created as a result of using this gag. Continue reading »

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