Dec 252014

I had no idea what to expect with the Doxy. I’ve never had a mains-powered vibe. The legendary Hitachi Magic Wand isn’t part of my arsenal, being Australian, we technically don’t have the Hitachi, we have the Medisil Magic Touch. I don’t think most people realize this, and it’s not the easiest to find anyway. You can get one at Black Label though, FYI.

Us Aussies actually miss out on quite a few toys. It’s not always as easy as getting a basic plug adapter, because of the difference in voltage, sometimes you need a converter (which I learnt after buying a hair-straightener when I went to the US and couldn’t use it at home. I still hold on to it, I’m a hoarder). So generally it’s a pain in the ass and we miss out on fun toys, like the Magic Wand, Eroscillator and until now, the Doxy.

I knew there would be power, more than what I’m used to. I’ve read reviews, the opinions seem pretty split, some love it and some not so much. But when I was offered one to review from Lovehoney, there was no way I could let the opportunity slip through my fingers.

Doxy Massage Wand buttons

I’m still learning what works best for me with vibrations. I know both weak and buzzy aren’t my jam. The Mona 2‘s mid-level buzzy/rumble can do it for me, but I prefer it internally. I also know my clit can be outrageously sensitive and temperamental. I didn’t know how well the Doxy would work with my body, but I figured if it didn’t work on my vag, it’d make a damn good back massager (something I do have experience with). Continue reading »

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