Aug 042015

Ok, so the title is slightly misleading, but the alternate title idea of “Why Marriage Alliance’s Campaign is a Fear Mongering, Misleading Piece of Shit” wouldn’t fit nicely on my site.

I was sitting here on my couch, I’d just finished playing Sims 4 and I was eating some plain potato chips. I was having a grand old time when I was rudely pulled from my serenity by an ad opposing same-sex marriage.

For a second I wasn’t sure if the ad was opposing it or not. It starts by telling the Australian public we have a right to know the FACTS (I agree, we do) and then proceeds to essentially state that the children who are subjected to gays, and gay sex been covered in sex ed in schools, will be SCARRED FOR LIFE – not a direct quote, but that’s what it’s saying and anyone who isn’t a moron will interpret it that way. How kids with gay parents – OH THE HORROR – won’t get the love they need from a mother.

And then my favourite part. WHAT HAPPENS TO OUR RIGHTS – I assume you’re talking about your rights as a cissexual hetero person? A “normal” person?

So, I went to their website, because having had the anti-gay come on so suddenly I was still confused as to what the ever-loving shit I had just witnessed.

Their site is even worse, believe it or not. Continue reading »

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May 272015

IMG_4779Once upon a time, my mum decided to get remarried. My dad died very suddenly when I was 13, and by the time I was 17 she had another guy. She has since come to her senses and realized how much of a prick he is, but nonetheless, they were married for a short while.

With a wedding usually comes a Hens and Bucks night. Apparently these nights aren’t an international thing, as some folk I’ve mentioned them to have no idea what I’m talking about. But, essentially, they’re parties to celebrate the last days of “freedom” before you get married. I don’t subscribe to the idea that marriage is the end of all fun you could potentially have in life, but parties with buzzed adults confessing their sex secrets are fun and totally something I’m down for. Continue reading »

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Mar 122015

I used to worry about using bigger dildos. I had the stupid worry that I’d get loose, that I’d never enjoy smaller toys again. WRONG. Completely wrong.

Which upsets me. I try to be as sex-positive as possible. I like being vulnerable in a public setting, so other people see it, because hopefully that helps them. I try to lead by example, especially when it comes to sexuality and acceptance. Having those ingrained thoughts whirring around my own head upsets me. I don’t like having them pop-up, it makes me feel hypocritical and weak, for knowing better but still being affected.

I tend to just, dive into things. Agoraphobia? Fly to the opposite side of the world. Worried about my body? Post nudes. My anxious nature means that this makes no sense, but with personal things, it’s the theme. It’s what I do.

It reached a peak where I saw a big dildo that was my favourite colour and at almost 50% off, I couldn’t help myself, I bought it. Continue reading »

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Jan 232015

I never saw myself entering into a long distance relationship, let alone one that started online. After seeing my mum in online relationships, getting stood up and spending the night at Sydney airport because she’d been played, my opinion of such relationships was low. When I saw others in relationships like that, I judged the shit out of them, especially if they hadn’t Skyped or met within the first few months of being official.

And then a dorky Dutch asshole came along and threw everything I thought I knew about myself out the window. Not only was it a guy, it was long-as-hell distance; him in the Netherlands and me in rural Australia. I did manage to stick with my morals(ish) in that we met in February, about 5 months after we decided we were definitely an exclusive thing, and we’d been Skyping almost every single day for longer than that. Continue reading »

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