Feb 182015

The Mystim Tickling Truman is an E-stim vibrator with a nice hunk of girth to it.

Woah, wait, hold up. E-stim? Yes. E-stim. Electro stimulation. Electrical currents. In a vibrator. In your genitals.

I’m going to make a point right now of telling you it must be in your genitals. Not on, not around, in. I’ll talk more on that later.

Why would you want to zap your genitals? SCIENCE. Well, kind of. There’s a few reasons someone would want to electrocute their cunt. Some might like pain, it’s a new experience, it can enhance sensations, some might just like sensation play. Personally I just thought it’d feel cool. My only experience with E-stim prior to owning the Tickling Truman was with a TENS machine I had used on my leg. It felt odd and weird and I wanted to know what it’d feel like in more intimate areas.


For the record, E-stim doesn’t really zap you. It sends tingles through your nerves that are not at all painful. It can cause muscle spasms – or contractions, really. That’s part of the appeal of an E-stim toy. When you orgasm your muscles contract, and E-stim can cause the same intense contractions. If it happens during orgasm, it can improve the intensity of your orgasm. I imagine it might help you get there quicker, or more intensely, if your muscles are weaker and don’t contract well on their own. Don’t quote me on that though.

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