Oct 292015

FANTASYISLAND1I’ve put a fair few things in my butt, but up until I received this product I hadn’t used anal beads. I always chose plugs over beads because I thought they were more my jam, and to be honest they are, but anal beads definitely won’t be something I ignore from now on.

The Fantasy Island Black Currant Anal Beads are silicone anal beads with light screw-thread texture on them. They’re a fairly daunting 11 inches insertable length with a maximum circumference of 5.5″, so they’re not small, and I wouldn’t recommend them for anal beginners. I was worried about the length as I’m not accustomed to deep anal play. I can take toys that are 7″ with glee, but I’ve never had anything inserted that was longer than the length of my rectum. Basically, I was scared about how the beads going around the kink from rectum to colon would go.

The first try was… Different. Getting the beads inserted takes some practice because they’re long and flexible; you’re better off putting lots of lube on the first couple beads before insertion and letting the lube that gets left on your entrance slick the rest of the beads up, only applying more if you need it, on the beads you need it on. Lubing up the entire set just leads to lube getting everywhere and some otherwise simple anal play turning into a slippery, slightly frustrating mess. Continue reading »

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