Mar 302016

Meo Alpha Male 3When Meo asked if I wanted to review some things for them, I obviously said yes, and I was sent a box of random things they’d picked out for me to try. One of those things, to my joy, was the Alpha Male 3 Stimulator. It’s essentially an Njoy Pure Wand, but from Meo.

I’ve been blogging for while now and I’m still yet to invest in the real Pure Wand due to not knowing whether I’d like it. Solid toys are very hit-and-miss for my vagina. I’m a thruster so they can be quite brutal, because whacking a hard object against your pubic bone repeatedly has a tendency to hurt. I’ve tried to only jiggle them instead but 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t give me the stimulation I need. Metal is heavier than glass, which I imagined would be worse when it comes to my incessant need to thrust, so I hadn’t sprung for any metal dildos, or requested any for review for fear of hating them – receiving the Alpha Male 3 meant I could try it out and see how my body cooperates.

And I wholly regret not buying metal toys in this design sooner.

I kind of love it. A lot.  Continue reading »

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Feb 032016

IMG_5014I’ve been enjoying internal vibrations as of late. Vibrators meant for insertion have always felt, to me at least, a little like they’re supposed to appeal to women and trick them into enjoying insertion, when in reality way more people are going to get off from a clit vibrator. But alas, my body has turned against my brain, and internal vibrations, when they’re strong enough and rumbly enough, do things for me. That’s how I came to lust after the Big Boss G5.

I asked fellow reviewers, and all seemed to be pro-Fun Factory’s G5 line, and I intended to save up and buy one for myself as a late Christmas/early Birthday present. Before I had the chance to go about it that way, JOUJOU offered for me to review something and I couldn’t resist requesting the new and improved Big Boss. Continue reading »

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May 222015

Blush Novelties My Little HeavenThe Blush Novelties My Little Heaven is a small, very inexpensive silicone dildo. Its product description markets it as a G-spot stimulator. Prior to requesting it, I’d read a couple of reviews about it, and the reviewers, whom I trust, liked it. I didn’t quite believe something so small and unassuming would be all that awesome. All of this culminated to me desperately wanting to try it. Continue reading »

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May 162015

Blush Novelties MioThe Mio is a relatively inexpensive silicone dildo made by Blush Novelties. It’s short and above average in girth, perfect for those who crave something thick but can’t handle length.

My vagina is a ravenous cave. It can handle, and adores, both length and girth. However, the Mio is a wonderful little dildo that my vagina has welcomed with open arms.

Mio has an insertable length of around five inches, with a maximum girth of 5.9 inches around the coronal ridge. There’s a bend in the shaft designed to target the G-spot. Alongside the ridge, it’s bloody brilliant at that job. Continue reading »

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Apr 302015

Tracey Cox Supersex RabbitMy clit has become somewhat of a snob since I started reviewing. It’s become accustomed to deep, rumbling vibrations and strength. Sadly, with the quality there comes a price, which is usually too-high for someone not as invested in sex toys as I am.

So I’ve been trying to find toys to review that are quality, and still affordable.

I wasn’t sure how the Tracey Cox Supersex rabbit would stack up. With my finicky, snobbish clit, surely it was destined to be a failure?

I’m pleasantly surprised. Continue reading »

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Mar 272015

BS Atelier G-spot Dildo Sport Tokyo colourOne massive downside to living in Australia is that it’s not always easy to find quality toys, especially if you’re after a specific brand. It’s slowly becoming easier to find Tantus products, though not all of them. This was the case with BS Atelier. If it can be hard to find Tantus, it’s a tall ask to get handmade products from Madrid, Spain.

I’ve been lusting after a BS Atelier toy for a while. I am perfectly capable of ordering from overseas, but I avoid it where I can because of the shipping cost. Adult Spice is one of the stores in Australia that stocks BS toys, and I’m lucky enough to have gotten one for review.

As I said, BS Atelier toys are handmade in Madrid. They’re made from high-quality silicone, and medical grade pigments. This means BS toys are 100% body-safe and completely sterilizable. There’s a whole array of colours available, lots of stripes and even a cow print. I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices. My BS G-Spot is in size medium, in the Sport Tokyo colouration.

When getting new silicone toys, it’s always a guess on how firm the silicone will be. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the silicone used for the G-spot dildo has some squish to it. Not a lot, but more than a Tantus toy. It’s also flexible enough to bend in half easily.

My G-spot dildo has a couple of minor imperfections; a tiny bit of excess silicone on the shaft, as well as a scratch, but otherwise it’s perfect. I can’t feel the imperfections in use, and it’s no harder to clean, so I’m not overly fussed. The crafting of this dildo is great otherwise. The stripes are pretty damn crisp and wonderfully done. Continue reading »

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