Jun 062015

Fun Factory Stronic DreiI’ve wanted to try a Stronic for a very long time. Now I’ve had the chance, and I’m feeling painfully indifferent about it.

The Fun Factory Stronics are pulsators. Rather than working like a traditional vibrator, where the motor rotates rapidly, Stronics have magic locked inside them that make them thrust.

The Stronic Drei is the third in the line (‘Drei’ is ‘three’ in German) and the only one that has texture going on. Like the Zwei, it’s anal safe due to the flare at the base of the shaft. The upwards tip, in theory, makes it ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation. It has an insertable length of 4.5″ and a maximum girth of 5.4″. It comes in three colours, one of which is an amazing tealy-blue, called Petrol, that I have. I wish every company had teal shades as an option on their toys because it is my jam and will win my heart every single time. Continue reading »

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Feb 182015

The Mystim Tickling Truman is an E-stim vibrator with a nice hunk of girth to it.

Woah, wait, hold up. E-stim? Yes. E-stim. Electro stimulation. Electrical currents. In a vibrator. In your genitals.

I’m going to make a point right now of telling you it must be in your genitals. Not on, not around, in. I’ll talk more on that later.

Why would you want to zap your genitals? SCIENCE. Well, kind of. There’s a few reasons someone would want to electrocute their cunt. Some might like pain, it’s a new experience, it can enhance sensations, some might just like sensation play. Personally I just thought it’d feel cool. My only experience with E-stim prior to owning the Tickling Truman was with a TENS machine I had used on my leg. It felt odd and weird and I wanted to know what it’d feel like in more intimate areas.


For the record, E-stim doesn’t really zap you. It sends tingles through your nerves that are not at all painful. It can cause muscle spasms – or contractions, really. That’s part of the appeal of an E-stim toy. When you orgasm your muscles contract, and E-stim can cause the same intense contractions. If it happens during orgasm, it can improve the intensity of your orgasm. I imagine it might help you get there quicker, or more intensely, if your muscles are weaker and don’t contract well on their own. Don’t quote me on that though.

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Nov 262014

Not all that long ago I was contacted by someone over at Traz and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their product. As you can probably tell, I said yes.

The Rhinos by Traz are silicone penis extenders designed to slip over the penis and increase length and girth. There’s a few designs and colours to choose from. The Sleek, Genesis and Stampede. I received the former two, all in the colour vanilla.

What got me interested in the Rhinos was that they claimed to be silicone. If you’ve ever looked on a sex toy site in the penis extenders category, you’ll see a lot of them are made from dodgy materials that aren’t suitable for penetration, there’s very few that are made of silicone. Silicone is a wonderful, completely body-safe material and can be steralised for use between different partners or different orifices. There’s also tonnes of different levels of firmness and outer finish. Silicone can be washed with soap and water, or steralised by boiling or a 10% bleach solution.

Upon first opening the boxes, my initial thought was that they felt a lot like the rubbery feel of a Doc Johnson Original dildo I had once that is now in my Jar of Horrors. This worried me, so I did what any good sex toy reviewer would, and grabbed a lighter. Now, the idea of the flame test is that because true silicone can withstand a high level of heat, it shouldn’t be damaged by a flame. Crappy materials can’t and will be damaged substantially. So I held the flame to the lower end of my Genesis and I’m happy to report it passed with flying colours.

The Rhinos are a three-part system, all of which is silicone. There’s the sleeve, a solid ribbed core and a ‘no slip grip tip’ which is essentially a plug. They come in a box with a clear window that’s suitable to use for storage, if you wish. Rhinos can be used in a few ways; as a penis extender, on a dildo, as a vibrator sleeve and as a stroker. If you’re planning to use it for it’s purpose as a penis extender, you put a little lube on the core, slip it in, lube up your penis, slip it in, squeeze out the remaining air and pop in the tip, creating a vacuum seal. This is also how it’s put together for use on a dildo or vibrator. It’s not necessary to use the core and works just as well without it, assuming the sleeve is filled; otherwise it’s crazy pliable so in use it would be useless, as well as not creating a proper seal. Both the core and the sleeve can be easily trimmed with scissors if you so desire.

I was surprised by how strong it is. The vacuum seal works wonderfully, and doesn’t slip off any of the dildos I’ve used it on.  Continue reading »

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Nov 182014

After having purchased and made my own Clone-A-Willy* with my boyfriend, I knew I wanted to try the Clone-A-Pussy kit at some point in time. Make a copy of my vulva, gaze at it lovingly, send it to my boyfriend as a present, y’know, the usual. So I reached out to the people at Clone A Willy who were great and agreed to send me a Clone-A-Pussy in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

What do you mean "wrong type of pussy"?

What do you mean “wrong type of pussy”?

The Clone-A-Pussy comes in much the same style of packaging as the Clone-A-Willy. Simple plastic, the instructions are part of the packaging in form of a card pull out. Mine came crushed in one corner, which you can see in the pictures. This isn’t the fault of Clone A Willy, the box it arrived in was roughened up a fair amount from shipping. Nothing aside from the plastic was damaged, so all is well!

The kit includes rubber mold powder, two small tubs of silicone, wooden spatula and a black plastic scoop. All you need to bring to the pussy cloning party is a measuring cup, spoon (I use a metal fork), mixing bowl, water and a disposable container of some sort.

The instructions are simple, and unlike the Clone-A-Willy, don’t require you to be quite as meticulous about measurements and timing.

I was super pumped to try this. I am very much a fan of my vulva, I think it’s lovely and beautiful. To finally have the opportunity to be able to really look at it without awkward spread legs and a mirror was exciting and I couldn’t wait. Continue reading »

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Oct 082014

Using the Clone-A-Willy kit is an experience. It’s messy and kind of pain in the ass but somehow manages to still be pretty fun.

My boyfriend and I have attempted it twice. The kit comes with two tubs of liquid rubber/silicone, a stirring stick, thermometer and a pack of rubber powder. All you need is a spoon, bowl, measuring cup, scissors and tape. If you’re worried about keeping hard, having a cock ring is a good idea too.


All the instructions come with the kit. There’s also a YouTube video of them doing it on a cucumber, which you can watch too. You really, really, need to read the instructions over a few times before you go ahead and do it. Timing is super important, you only have 2 minutes to mix it and get the dick in the goo-tube.

The first time we didn’t do it fast enough and the rubber set before we could get him hard enough to stick it in. It sets really quickly and the pressure to stay hard while thinking about sticking your dick in goo isn’t the best erection-keeper.

Feeling a bit defeated we threw it all in the bin and decided to try again in the future.

The future being only a few days away because I went on Lovehoney.com.au and bought a separate mold powder packet. If you’ve never done this before, I’d recommend buying an extra packet because it really isn’t easy to get timing right.

I pulled the tube out of the bin and rinsed it out and sat it aside along with everything else and waited for the new powder to arrive.

We went away for a few days and when we got back it was here. We waited, trying to work out when the best time to try again would be. Do I suck him while he mixes it up? Does he fuck me while I mix it up? Do we stop in the middle of sexy-time and do it then?

We went with interrupting sex. Continue reading »

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Aug 092014

A couple of months back I purchased a pack of Sea Pearls Sea Sponge tampons from Jade & Pearl. I’ve only just had the chance to try them out and I’ve gotta say, I’m impressed.


Sea sponge tampons are exactly what they say they are, sea sponges, that you use as tampons. They’re a great environmentally friendly, body friendly, reusable, cost effective alternative to regular tampons. They’re super absorbent and can be worn for longer periods of time and are completely safe to wear overnight so you don’t need to wear a glorified nappy sanitary pad. If taken care of, they can last 6 months. They’re also hella comfortable and can be trimmed to size to suit your anatomy. Continue reading »

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