Aug 302016

Topco Ultrazone ParadiseInitially I was attracted to the UltraZone Paradise 9x due to its design. It’s a lovely purple silicone vibrator with a few bloops. The shape reminds me of a pea pod, which I thought was cute; apparently I’m wholly incapable of resisting anything even remotely adorable.

I didn’t expect the greatest toy ever, as I mentioned in my review of the TopCo Ultrazone Eternal I find manufacturers who produce many designs tend to have crappier motors. For me a crappy motor is a buzzy motor as it feels unpleasant and is never truly enjoyable.

The Paradise managed to have not only an extremely buzzy motor but the vibrations consist almost exclusively of patterns. Continue reading »

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Aug 122016


I have only tried one PicoBong toy before, and absolutely despised it. That toy was the Transformer, that now sits in its box hidden away from view. It is only currently in my possession because it’s good for fishing menstrual cups and sponges out of my vagina when they get stuck. I stayed reserved in my expectations for the Kiki 2. I’d been let down by the Transformer and didn’t want to get too excited for something better.

Picobong Kiki 2At first, I was blown away by the Kiki 2. On my initial test I had an awesome orgasm, from Kiki alone. I was incredibly surprised because what the hell? This tiny AAA powered thing? It’s not even rumbly! Sadly, I have not been able to replicate this. Apparently my body was in a mood and for whatever reason got along with the buzzy vibrations, but ever since it’s been totally useless. Continue reading »

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Jun 162016

Once upon a time, when I tori2began receiving toys for review, the Iroha Yuki was sent to me. Iroha is spin-off brand of toys for vulvas by the popular penis masturbator brand Tenga. Yuki surprised me and I had high hopes for the Iroha+ toys, designed to be the stronger, squishier sibling of the original line. And God bless them, they’ve made me quite a happy reviewer once again.

Tori is a gorgeous crimson shade, with two pointed tips, with one end significantly longer than the other. The shape reminds me of a small bird.

Off the bat the longer end is the only one I can derive any pleasure from as the motor doesn’t direct its power toward the other tip. I can forgive it for this because the shape of the longer end works well. The shape and vibrations lead to it being direct but not pinpoint. It covers enough of my clit that I’m not bad-squirming due to it being too intense on one spot, however it’s also direct enough that I’m not left wanting like with wands, where the head is simply too large to concentrate where I want it to.

Tori works best for me when it’s face down on my vulva, slipped between my labia majora and pressed down right on top of my clitoral shaft. Rarely can I handle vibrations directly on my clitoris and it’s no different with Tori. The shape works wonderfully for my anatomy and needs. If you wanted more pinpoint you could use the very tip, but that’s not my jam. Continue reading »

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Mar 142016

UltraZone EternalWhen I was contacted by TopCo Toyz to review for them, I went onto their site to have a peek at what they sell. Somehow, among eight million jelly toys, I managed to find a couple of silicone products that caught my eye.

The UltraZone Eternal is a sweet little thing. I saw the shape and could imagine it sliding between my labia, fitting perfectly where I wanted it too. Also one of it colour options is blue. I have a hard time ignoring blue toys.

It’s just as cute in real life. It’s small, but the rather bulbous head looks great, I love the little ridges that are over the silicone portion of the toy. It’s easy to operate as there’s only one button, and it’s rechargeable so I don’t have to worry about finding batteries.

Which is where the first hiccup in this cute parade arises. Continue reading »

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Feb 032016

IMG_5014I’ve been enjoying internal vibrations as of late. Vibrators meant for insertion have always felt, to me at least, a little like they’re supposed to appeal to women and trick them into enjoying insertion, when in reality way more people are going to get off from a clit vibrator. But alas, my body has turned against my brain, and internal vibrations, when they’re strong enough and rumbly enough, do things for me. That’s how I came to lust after the Big Boss G5.

I asked fellow reviewers, and all seemed to be pro-Fun Factory’s G5 line, and I intended to save up and buy one for myself as a late Christmas/early Birthday present. Before I had the chance to go about it that way, JOUJOU offered for me to review something and I couldn’t resist requesting the new and improved Big Boss. Continue reading »

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Nov 302015

SVR1Tenga has released a new vibrator, the SVR, or Smart Vibe Ring if you want to be technical, and I’m slightly confused about its intended purpose.

On the Tenga site it’s very obviously designed to be used around fingers, but on other sites they’re marketing it as a cock ring. Honestly, I love the idea of it being a vibe made to make fingering better. I like that it’s a vibe that can be used in couples that aren’t made up of one penis and one vagina, or couples who don’t delve into insertion outside of fingers. I like that it celebrates other ways to have sex. That’s rad as hell to me, and that’s how I treated it. Continue reading »

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