Mar 022015

The BodiSpa ‘The Almighty’ Hot-Cold Wand looked very promising. Wands are supposed to be powerful. Temperature play is fun and can completely change the sensations. Sadly, the BodiSpa Hot-Cold wand let me and my vulva down.

BodiSpa The Almighty Hot-Cold Wand

There’s two vibration speeds. Both are pretty average. Like, they’re there, they feel good, but they’re not direct enough to ever get me off. I get bored with it. I hold it to my vulva and get bored. I want a snack and maybe to watch some funny videos on YouTube.

My body just does not give a crap what The Almighty has to say. The vibrations do not speak my clits language. My clit is a refined French lady drinking expensive French champagne and being fed chocolate covered fruit, and the BodiSpa Wand is speaking pig-Latin with the words in the wrong order. Continue reading »

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