Nov 202014

Kink of the WeekI don’t think my dirty talk is great. My boyfriend seems to think otherwise, so at least there’s that, which is all that matters in the end. I never know what to say, even though I desperately want to say something. I love hearing it in the moment, and I try to do it, but I usually get stuck. I’m afraid I’ll sound silly, or say something weird that will bring the sexy times to a grinding halt.

There’s a lot of words I don’t like, even if I use them. I don’t like pussy, for a start. When it comes to describing things, big fat cock sounds ridiculous, but it’s not inaccurate. I find dirty talk always sounds somewhat stupid when it’s not said in a sexy situation, but perfectly great when it is. Continue reading »

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Oct 292014

I love stockings. Stockings with suspender/garter belt, more specifically. It’s the combination that I love.

Sadly I don’t wear them much. I’ve got a few pairs of stockings and one garter belt. Mostly because of low self-esteem and bad body-image. I don’t feel like I’m pretty enough to wear them, which is something I deal with with numerous other articles of clothing too. I feel like the clothing is so gorgeous that my wearing it will ruin it. Which is ridiculous but it’s a long-ingrained thought that’s going to take a lot of work to change. I also find when I do wear them, I’m terrified of them ripping. They’re not a necessity and when I have indulged and bought a pair, the last thing I want to do is tear them. I recently won a pair of Lovehoney’s new stockings in a Twitter giveaway, when they come in the mail I plan on wearing them for my guy, taking some pictures, making the most of them.

Another factor that stops me from wearing them is that I like a very specific style of garter. I don’t like the lacy ones, although I own a pair. I like the older, vintage inspired styles. Ones that sits on the natural waist, with thick straps, solid colours, sleek and classy. This style is crazy hard to find for a price I am willing to pay for something that won’t get very much use.

For me stockings and garter scream class and beauty. There was a period of time when I was about 15 where I was somewhat obsessed with Dita von Teese and Burlesque. I spent a bit of time contemplating becoming a burlesque performer. The look is so elegant and sexy. It feels so powerful, gives off “feminine but not taking any shit” vibes, which is how I feel when I wear them. I feel sexy and in control.

If I ever have a job that requires office-attire, I very much intend to make the most of the situation and wear some sexy lingerie underneath. I have somewhat of a voyeuristic and exhibitionist nature, and the idea of being in public and having such a nice secret underneath, that nobody else knows about, appeals to me greatly.

My favourite style of stocking is the ones with the thick basic band. Lace top ones look nice too, but I much prefer the simple look. Black or nude is my preferred colour choice, and there’s something ridiculously attractive about nude stockings with black back seam.

I just love how they look, the vibes that comes with wearing them.

I love seeing other women in them as well as wearing them myself. One day I’d love to get my boyfriend in a pair. When it comes to guys in lingerie, I like when it’s just womens panties and I don’t care about the rest, but I’d still love to get him in some. I think they’d frame his cock and ass wonderfully. And if I don’t like them on him I can take them off and use them to tie his hands, or gag him. I might just do that anyway.

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